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  1. There are some good deals out there with a bit of perseverance, we picked up a 2 yr old Galaxy Tdci at the weekend for £7.5K with 30K miles on the clock. Not the most exciting car on the planet but with kids and elderly grandparents to shuffle about, the time came to put on my pipe and slippers ;-)
  2. Had a similar situation - A couple of years ago I was witness to some tw@t who hit a parked car and drove off. I stopped and gave the driver's details to the owner of the vehicle whose car was hit. Needless to say, the tw@ts insurance company tried to pin the blame on me! So my insurance company settled 50/50 for god's sake! I threatened to take them to court and they wrote back to say my no-claims was not affected but that they couldn't do any more about as the claim had been settled. Last time I do that!
  3. Be careful with the pre-mixes, they often contains lots of additional fats to 'extend the shelf-life' ! It only takes a couple of minutes to prepare with all the basic ingredients, get yourself some of those measuring spoons too. 50/50 is good if you don't like wholemeal.
  4. You should be having this discussion with him, not with a load of strangers on a bulletin board. Sooner the better.
  5. Tell you what, you buy my house at 50% above valuation In a figurative context, the phrase 'boiling a frog' spings to mind!
  6. Probably so they can claim expenses for writing back to 500 people
  7. Hi Jools, my brother is in the same position to you. He has decided to pull out and wait and see what happens over the next 6 months. There are quite a few houses for sale in the area, many have been on sale for 6 months or more and are not shifting, sellers are desperately clinging onto the original asking price. I can't see them lasting long into the new year before we start to see reductions. No one wants to be the first - could be an avalanche waiting to happen!
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