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  1. so, have i got this right ? example: if i put 60% of the home value down as deposit, mortgage the remaining 40% fixed for 5 years. during which the house value drops 20%, you think that i wouldn't be able to remortgage to another fixed rate ? or have i misread this neg equity thread ?
  2. true, but you've got more chance of getting a half decent job in pompey than the IOW. goes to show though, even repos aren't selling here.
  3. this is a repo near to here i live. it's also been reduced from 155k (if i remember correctly). still hasn't sold. theres a house on the same road on the market for 190k. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-184...=1&tr_t=buy
  4. i've got a friend that pays 1000/month interest only. when he told be how much the mortgage was i nearly fell over laughing. i thought he was brighter than that. he put 100k down as a deposit. he'd have been a perfect str'er.
  5. we should take bets on which EA goes under first they must be praying for a 'spring bounce'. what were the rightmove numbers ? 9000 properties for sale 130,000 islanders maybe 40% of which are minimum wage/seasonal workers spells C R A S H to me
  6. in summer i think it's about £140 for car/caravan 5 day return. some russian billionaire has bought wightlink (ferry company) i heard. nice little earner for him. the ferry is probably why house prices are expensive here compared to wages. people come on holiday and realise it's cheaper to buy a house than it is to get the boat back !
  7. the repeat is on tonight.....i think i'm gonna watch it again, just so i can hear him say one more time....."i'm gonna sell this one and do another before the year is out"
  8. i stand by my previous post "as a side note...someone mentioned that the salesman/landlord/'property developer' on tonights programme seemed a decent guy......i thought he as a tw4t".
  9. don't know if you have noticed that prices have started coming down (and still not selling) example: this house has been up for months (6+)....originally priced at 249k now on rightmove at 220k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-848...=1&tr_t=buy and on the EAs site at offers over 210k http://www.pittisandson.co.uk/searchresult...D=2008227223531 note to vendor.........STILL NOT SELLING....GET THE MESSAGE!!!!
  10. agreed. the island is totally overpriced and nothing is selling at the moment. second homes / holiday homes / btl's have been the driving force is the last few years. as soon as sellers realise that these types of sales are in decline prices will fall more rapidly than on the mainland. as a side note...someone mentioned that the salesman/landlord/'property developer' on tonights programme seemed a decent guy......i thought he as a tw4t.
  11. thats not far from me. you can buy a garage for 10k near there....at least it would have power and a floor ! 70k is a joke !!! would love to know how they worked out HOW to price that (?)
  12. forgive me if this has already been posted. just found it ... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...ary-777339.html They warned us the housing market would crash ... four years ago House prices have been everyone's favourite dinner party topic over the past few years, while any foreign visitor to the UK must surely be taken aback by the huge number of TV programmes devoted to making money out of property. In the past few years, however, there has also been a steady rise in the number of online forums, even entire websites, devoted to the other side of the housing market coin: the possibility of a crash. So it must have been with glee that the founders of housepricecrash.co.uk – a website set up in October 2003 (great timing, guys) – took the news from Nationwide last week that UK house prices had fallen for a third consecutive month. Of course all doomsayers are bound to be proved right in the end, but housepricecrash has since been joined by other sites that compile data on the "true" state of the UK's housing market, like the wonderfully titled propertysnake.co.uk and the campaigning website pricedout.org.uk. The coming months may finally prove the making of them.
  13. agree - the bbc and itv news tonight were on about consumers holding back and how bad it is for the economy. it'll be a cut. the country is fcked.
  14. advice on five live for ftb ???? 'buy a 2 bed flat in a worse area and if push comes to shove, rent the second bedroom out'. yeah cheers for that !
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