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  1. Heydons in Broxbourne High Street gone plus heard from a good source that Breakaway Properties also on the high street will finish next week.
  2. Hi FP, I saw this article as well and must say I'm very tempted to write in, everyone I know that has had dealings with this outfit have nothing else but critisim. Stories of sellers having dry periods of no viewings then suddenly two or three viewings out of the blue, however appears to be bogus buyers and more likely to be friends of the agents just to keep sellers happy. Other experiences have been just damn right lies from KC, the agent I rent through who does seem be to more honest then most can't stand them and would love to see them go to the wall. Fingers crossed!!
  3. Just walked back home from Broxbourne station this afternoon and right next door are fourteen brand new houses that have been shoe horned into where a pub used to be: http://www.higginshomes.co.uk/developments...evelopmentId=64 These lemons have been up for sale for quite some time now and as you can guess their not shifting I think by counting when I walk past only about five of the fourteen are now occupied, anyway next Saturday advertised outside this complex is a show case event to attract suckers into buying probably with some crap incentive. What I can't believe is the sign that says "70% now sold", I'm no maths expert but to me this is a blantant lie. Lots of traffic goes by this place which means many paaser by will see this and I hope to God they don't believe it. :angry: :angry: :angry:
  4. Been very quiet on the E Herts / W Essex thread!! (may have something to do with a certain absent FP) I'm still renting in Broxbourne watching the local market quite closely which is still dead in the water. Recieving more calls from agents recently since the new year regarding prices drops and told about several vendors would drop price even more to us as we are cash buyers, however still not seen what I call a bargin yet. What's everyone else seeing recently??
  5. Sealed bids and trying to leave the house in the morning but can't as too many Chelsea tractors blocking the road dropping kids off at the school next door. Haven't seen or heard of any selaed bids of late but still have the same problem of the spray tan gang in the mornings.
  6. Can't believe what I've just heard from my friends who have just put their house on last week in Hoddesdon, they have decided to use Kirby and Colletti and were told that they should go with them as they sold ten properties last month!!
  7. Been out of the country for a month due to work and I have returned this week, just taken a look through what's for sale in and around Broxbourne and the whole market must be in complete gridlock. Nothing has shifted and noticed there a few price reductions. I can't believe this one thats just come on: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-200...p;mam_disp=true What the hell is the agent thinking? They must be doing quite well and don't need any extra commission as this will sit on their books for some time at that price. Does the vendor really expect to sell at anywhere near that price. Anyway I think we might be dipping our toes in the water soon and start making offers at least 25% off current asking prices and see what we might get.
  8. No takers so now a bargain £415,000 from £425,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-193...p;mam_disp=true At the end of the day it's a semi that is still grossly overpriced, bet it's still on after Christmas!
  9. Hey Charlie, I too was educated at Broxbourne school and don't know why but have stayed in the area, couldn't agree more with your comments it's completley overrated with sellers around at the mo think their pads are worth a kings ransom. As with Hoddesdon I dare not go there late at night I fear for my safety.
  10. I believe there are 14 in total of these new builds, however walking past the other day only three maybe four are sold and moved in! These idiots must have their heads in the sand!
  11. Hi fallingmarket, been living in Broxbourne for about 4 and a bit years before living in Hoddesdon. We STR'd back in the begining of 2007. Seen some property reductions creeping into Hoddesdon and Nazeing but not really seeing any decent size drops in the Broxburne area, but when it does will be ready to go in for the kill.
  12. Prices around here are not heading south at any kind of speed, my partner and I have made offers on a couple of properties in Hoddesdon and Broxbourne all at least 10% below asking and all have been refused, however they are all still for sale. If prices are falling in London and all of the other surrounding areas then the area we live in is not immune, if it's carnage in the labour market for the city then we may see a lot more realistic prices. EA's are telling us that we are in such a powerful buying position as we are renting at the mo and when we view any property you will not believe how the sellers go overboard on making us their friends knowing what position we are in with no chain behind us. Hang in there I believe we are not that far away from a decent size drop in prices.
  13. I must admit I saw this and couldn't work out why use an agent miles away from where it's located, anyway just noticed it's sold!!
  14. Agreed, just when I was getting exicted a couple of weeks ago when we was starting to see some reductions everything now seems to be completley stagnant and have noticed that some property has sold recently and not a lot of new instructions coming on. WTF!! I guess the initial stages of a crash tend to be very rapid at first and then settle down a bit. Speaking to friends in the local area many complaining of hardly any work and can't see it changing soon, come on crash please get out of second gear and back into fifth.
  15. I love the "Try an Offer" comment You gotto ask yourself do yeah feel lucky???
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