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  1. Just wondered if anyone else has noticed several news websites have in the last few days stopped the posting of comments for each story (sky news, msn news etc) plus the BBC has changed its Have your say section so there are no longer recommended comments. Odd that its not isolated - supression of views anyone?
  2. As already mentioned the Halifax takeover by LSL took place on 15th so theres a lot of relisting onto the new system - its showing as Halifax in a lot of cases as the Rightmove accounts haven't been updated. The Halifax chain was in fact a large number of small independently owned franchises and some owned offices so each franchise will have its own account with Rightmove. LSL is Reeds Rains, Your Move and Intercounty so you will see a lot of listings as these as well.
  3. Please move to off topic in due course - trying to find figures relating to total PFI borrowing and annual servicing costs. Any links gratefully received.
  4. If the demand was there theyd be unloading - dont forget we are in a recession!
  5. I would be happier seeing the BNP disappear for good but..... Isn't trying to stop a democratically elected politician from enjoying his right to free speech exactly what Robert Mugabe does in Zimbabwe? Interestingly googled the definition of facism and www.thefreedictionary.com gives the definition : I am beginning to intensely dislike the UAF and the tactics they employ.
  6. And the costs of valuing all properties? The legal wrangling, the disputes the appeals the new public sector jobs to manage it, the little old ladies being made homeless to pay for the tax as 50 years ago they bought a terrace in London. What a numpty.
  7. Are you numbers right? I found this on HMRC website which is quite interesting: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/stats/tax_expenditures/table1-6.pdf It shows 1p on income tax is approx £3.8 billion
  8. I agree. they gambled on an investment and lost. If the were just buying to live in fair enough they can have some sympathy but they werent so tough. edited for fat fingers.
  9. Thats a poke in the eye for Scottish employment....
  10. Are they really saying that 83% of its mortage book is bad!! That is truly frightening
  11. Dont forget that is just this year add on the borrowing for the next few years and we are going to suffer a long period of tax hikes/cuts in public spending. Anybody splurging cash saved on mortgages instead of paying down debt/saving is going to be in for a shock.
  12. I meant the RICS VI spin - the very way they produce their numbers and report on them gives a positive spin. The largest number of new buyer enquiries - last month we had 1 this month 2 thats a 100% increase the largest ever. 2007 last month we had 30 enquiries this month 31 thats a 3% incrrease. Now which tells the true story and which is a missuse of statistics.......
  13. So much for underdupply - the sale to stock ratio is still at historical lows - mind you keep up the VI spin itll bring out the sellers.
  14. No they show a decline in the rate of falls - not an upward movement.
  15. And people listen to this mans drivel? Paraphrased:- House prices will rise because the economy is in a real mess. Does this man not read what he writes. Why would the value of a familys biggest asset purchase rise when the economy as he puts it is in a real mess.
  16. What picture I went blind from the suite on the picture before it
  17. Property prices continue to creep up Skys on it already.
  18. The only consensus is that the people making predictions haven't a clue and it is more a consensus on what they would like to happen. How accurate have the predictions been over the last 2 years. Wasnt it the fact the Halifax stopped predicting were they thought house prices were going to go due to "unpredictability". Ask 100 Man U fans who they thought was going to win the Champions League final before it started and the consensus would be..... There is no money, there is no demand what demand there is is a lot lower than supply - go and compare recent RICS reports for the proof of that statement!
  19. If you speak to any of the large banks lending departments about interest rate hedging they are all expecting base rates to rise to at least 3/4% within the next 18 months. Of course the volatility of the last 18 months virtually renders any predictions virtually worthless.....
  20. And the effect of this is larger properties which would traditionally be the next step up the ladder will fall in value as the market for them drys up. All the better for you STR guys!
  21. If anyone is struggling when base rates are at 0.5% then they should not be proppoed up, end of, no argument!
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