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  1. I saved like mad for about six years and 4 years ago I bought my house. I've no mortgage and I enjoy every day in it. I bought a house I can expand on and give my own touch too by buying a one which required renovation. I don't plan on moving from here and if it goes up or down in value, I'm not really fussed, as it's my home. I don't say it lightly that not having any mortgage is a blessing and one which I worked very hard to get. I live in the north west so prices are not mad like down south so it was a reachable goal. I have friends mortgaged to the hilt in negative equity and unfortunately they never listened to advice I gave. I know some people would say I should have left the money in the bank and took advantage of low interest rates but I know I own it and my monthly bills are low because of this. I'm sure some people will disagree with my route but it's one I took and I enjoy everyday I wake up in it.
  2. I to am looking to buy in Carlisle. Due to having a work vehicle I really need a semi detached, so I can have off road parking. I am seeing small reductions here and there but nothing startling. I dont know if we will ever see any serious reductions, but I can't hang on much longer, I really need my own place and dont want to rent. Even the repossesions that are coming on, which are few and far between arn't really bargain prices. My frustration grows more each day, and not having a partner to help with the bills is another problem. Am sure something wil turn up in the end. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Its good to know there are others in Carlisle on this forum, who feel the same.
  3. I would say in the past week there seems to be a lot of houses turning to sold and under offer in my area Carlisle. On right move there's usually about twenty new propertys a day, but for some reason 112 were listed yesterday, some were propetys being re listed by agents but most were new. It seems like people I know who have had there house up for sale for a while are now completing and sales are going through. Dont kow wheather this is normal for march time, or credit is becoming easier to get or both. There are a lot of houses going under offer so hopefully this might change my area trend of houses rising in price for a change.
  4. Maybe I could go and buy a house if I wanted but to get a decent house in this area I would still need A hefty mortgage. Good houses go for £140,000 +. Yeah I could get an ex council house for £90,000 but I'd rather wait.
  5. So today i'm met with bill boards everywere just to remind me that prices have risen againin my area. They may have dropped nationally, but not around where I live. I really cant see where the money is coming from with the average wage around here probably not much more than 20 to £25,000 if your lucky. Is it to much to ask for a sensibly priced place to live. Obviously so. Whilst everyone around me gets larger and larger mortgages I sit and wait. Maybe I should just jump in and worry about it later, like everyone else. I do see price drops coming through on houses but mainly just the junk no one else would want. Each day the frustration grows, I think I might just go out and spend my deposit to get a couple of buy to lets just so people think I actually have loads of money like everyone else. Frustrated is not the word. Although I earn almost twice the average I still feel like a social outcast. How much longer should I leave it??? Its like one of them movies where the end just doesnt quite make sense. http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/average-house-prices-rising-in-cumbria-1.677742?referrerPath=news (Mods feel free to move this if required.)
  6. I think of late he has seemed more at the point of snapping at the reporters, when they keep pointing the finger thats he caused the problem. I think it wont be long before he loses his calm and snaps, somewhat like at the recent news conference when he all but threatened the reporter for making an assumption on the economy.
  7. I think only one person ever questioned him without being to bothered. Didnt Fern Britton give him some hard questioning on this morning a while back. If I'm right I think we should get her to interview him for an hour. She would have him crying into his lap. I realy cant stand to watch the tv when he is on anymore. The urge to punch the tv set takes over and I have to change channels.
  8. I thought Brown looked quite stressed today with the interview. I reckon if the interviewer had pushed the points harder we might have seen him snap. I think he knows the people are onto him now and telling us its all global wont wash anymore!!!
  9. Right I think I should go straight for the money shot!
  10. And here a copy of the un edited version>>>>>>> Alejandro Cercas, an MEP in the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (whos weekly wage comes in at £1000), hailed the 421-273 vote in Strasbourg as a "victory" for the European social model over Britain's right to freedom, which allows a more deregulated labour market. "We are rectifying the last chance they have at freedom. Let's have a social Europe, we have the English bent over the barrel now, just a couple more meetings and we'll have them truly shafted" he said. "I would like to congratulate the European Trade Union Confederation and all the trade unions that have worked so hard to stop people doing what they want."
  11. Thats probably the main point to this thread. Freedom to carry out our daily routine as WE want. Not as someone wants us to. Its all down to our own freedom in our country. I do not want to be dictated to by someone voting on my behalf about a subject I have not had a chance to have a say on. Especially when the people who are wanting to bring this on us are not in our country. This is where all this EU thing really gets on my nerves. We should be in it to pull together to help each other, not to dictate what each country should do. Who do they think they are. We have managed fine without all the meddling before. Maybe if we wernt in the EU then there would be more jobs. If it works so well abroad, how come were inundated with people wanting to work in this country! I will tell you why, because we are free to make out own choices now. Maybe we should invest all the money in travel tickets for everyone to go back home who does not originate here. Then there would be thousands of new job. Would that stop you all getting at me for wanting to work harder than the average person in life.
  12. No! my employer made it quite clear that there was a 40 hour week basic with a rota call out between the employees. I could have went and worked for a company that had no call out. That was my choice and I made it. What you have to remember is that some people work to live a life. On the other hand some people work to make money to live a better life. Which route a person takes is there choice. I could have been a solicitor and made £150,000 a year for a 40 hour week. I'm not because thats not what I wanted. What every one here is missing is that I have the choice as a grown adult to choose how many hours I want to work. I dont tell you how many cigarettes to smoke or how much drink to have ( bearing in mind I dont drink or smoke ). This is more than an arguement of working hours for me. As I have said its the EU enforcing more powers upon us until we are under there control, drones to democracy gone mad!!!! I dont own my own house yet because I chose not to buy an over inflated proprty through greed or just to be better than the guy down the road. I have money in the bank but like to work like some people like to play sports of go on holidays. Sad as it may seem I enjoy what I do and dont like being forced to do anything.
  13. £20 per hour isnt bad as a wage and is cheap for a mechanic. I know you will have bills to pay with that, unless you work from home. Im pleased you made self employment work for you. I tried but it wasnt my cup of tea at all. Rather let someone else worry about the bills. Unfortunately for me I have always loved working. Having a basic wage every week gives me no motivation to work to be honest. Getting that extra bonus in my wages every week puts a smile on my face. As soon as 5 oclock comes its time and a half so thats when I really enjoy it. I dont plan on doing it forever but having money makes me feel secure. Its not just the cap on working hours, its being told I cant do what I have a right to do. Work freely as I chosse when I want. Every day I feel like this country is getting more controlling. We invade countrys for holding a regeme over its people. What people dont realise is the hold this country is having over them. Every extra law they bring in is one step further away from our basic human rights and freedom to do what we want!
  14. Out of interest and if you dont mind Nicolarge what area do you work in that means your happy and can live a decent life on what you do? I've alredy said what trade im in. and what do you call a decent wage for a 40 hour week.
  15. Its funny all these people going on about how many people need jobs because they cant get them. I open my local paper there today and there are jobs available for many different ranges of people. Some of those jobs are advertised more than one week in a row. Why doesnt the government make those on the dole queue take anyjob. When they eventyually find the job they want, then the orginal job should be taken up by someone else in the queue. I dont mean jobs that take up lots of training, I mean and simple jobs that can be trained for quickly. I always see adverts for farm hands, cleaners etc in my local rag If there so bothered about being out of work they should take anything surley! If they dont want to take the job just stop giving them money. Sink or swim. May sound harsh but am sick of hearing about people who cant find a job when there are jobs out there, the problem is and no one whos out of work wants to admit it they dont want just any job! So what if in my job I am able to make more money working extra hours that are available. If Flash gordon will work a 38 hour week to so will I. See how much work gets done in the country then!
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