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  1. She has got some EVIL eyes! Just watching now...
  2. Oh give over...what's he supposed to do? The world is full of risks...that house might trebble in value and then she'll be the one laughing. He's done his homework, made a decision (which could be wrong) and now someone will get stuffed, the other won't. Seeing as the US govt appears to be trying to bail out the US housing market, who's to say it won't happen here and work. It's a pretty crappy world.
  3. It's a good job it's a long way away and could never happen here
  4. Ah, know it very well - used to live there. Thankfully I managed to escape Good luck, you'll need your flame proof trousers now as the HPC never quite arrives but don't worry, it's usualy about 3 or 4 months away so you'll never have too long to wait
  5. Unless Fanny Mae and the rest come along and bail it all out... http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home :angry: :angry:
  6. She must have to use a small poodle instead of bog roll That's one location, location, location to avoid!
  7. Has anyone else noticed how it's sweeping in from the West? Would make sense as it's gone US-->Ireland...London some time around Xmas?
  8. Looks like the bail out really is going to happen. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Long live free-market economics in the land of the free.... :angry:
  9. Just thinking, Andy Jones...I mean Kirstie, seems to getting even bigger. Wait 'til she has to eat her words as well when the housing market goes pop...she'll be enormous!
  10. REGRET! CONFUSION! SELF DOUBT! ANGER AT OURSELVES! etc Do you think he's got a girlfriend (or any friend)? Ouch, still listening and got DEPRESSION!
  11. Have I missed something or were you meaning to show 2006's stats?
  12. RB, I'm a fan - honest. But if as a quarter they went up only 1.3% and the last month of the quarter is 0.7%, that means the other two months had a combined 0.6%. So if we're talking trends based on that quarter in isolation then I'm afraid next month should be 1%+! I'm a bear but I'd like to stick to the facts as it doesn't help convince anyone that what they see on here is real if people enter the same spinning games as the VIs.
  13. Excellent...I'll pop a note in my diary to check how it looks. '1st of Jan 2017 - How are WB doing and have they relaunched yet?'
  14. What...? Are you suggesting it could happen here....are you mad?
  15. It does make you wonder if a small tightening in credit could actually have a massive effect. The same with badly run companies being able to keep borrowing their way out of trouble. As soon as a small tightening happens huge numbers could go up in smoke and the chain reaction is off and running.
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