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  1. Well, thats what this site is about. But in terms of basic economics of supply and demand, and an item is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, out of all of the Manchester conurbation, yes Altrincham is expensive but not necessarily overpriced. Waiting for literally years with such precise requirements of a dozen streets, maybe means that the Alty price inflation is there for a reason. The renting didn't work out, so I've not gone over to the dark side. So this means I'm sadly still going to have to sell up and move out of the area. I'll let you know how that works out. But that leaves me wistfully wishing of the times I should have compromised and got a move on with things instead of idly waiting for something which might not happen. Like the Altrincham house price crash.
  2. With all respect, I've been following these posts for a while now. I happily live in a 70s house on the other, less fashionable, side of Altrincham town center. Its certainly less pretty than the Victorian brick design that people in Altrincham/ Hale aspire to, but its also cheaper. But it suits me because I'm living in Alty here and now, and Alty is a great place to be. Now, whilst all of your searches for all these years are just waiting for a suitable house to appear within a range of maybe 500meters, doesn't that suggest that the prices are high for a reason, rather than sheeple delusion? Again with all respect, but the obsession that one must live on a tree road at all costs (Whether money or time) does sound like the property snobbery this site laughs at. Chill out, buy a bigger house in Timperley, move on with your life.
  3. I read these articles about with a headline of a flat tax, but then when the small print starts suggesting local income tax, variable sales tax, greater choice of (paid) personal health and education, it moves further and further from my understanding of flat.
  4. Never been to Didsbury. Looks like Hale, with more traffic.
  5. Altrincham is in this week's Lets Move To column of The Guardian. "In Londonese, Altrincham is Kensington and Chiswick to Chorlton's Hackney: leafy and rich." http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/apr/20/lets-move-to-altrincham-hale Still never met a BBC person in Alty though.
  6. Describing Oldfield Brow as 'The Dunham end of Altrincham' made me smile. Thats like calling Broadheath 'West Timperley'. Also, if you keep looking at Altrincham/Hale despite thinking that the prices are too high, doesn't that suggest that there is a genuine reason where prices in the area are higher than,say, Sale. I love living here and I understand and am happy to pay the premium.
  7. You don't have Property Bee installed. It came up at 13th Feb 2012 at 575K, then reduced to 550K, then excess of 500K.
  8. BBC Report - "UK growth forecast cut by British Chambers of Commerce" Its a nationwide new story, but look at the stock photo used. Does it look familiar? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17250662 Alty has become the standard for failing towns
  9. Theres a LLL episode revisiting Altrincham/ Hale from 2009 originally: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/location-location-location/4od#3293088 The initial houses are in Hale (One of which I think is down towards Delaheys Road, which I would have also previously described as being Altrincham rather than Hale. Thankyou Kirsty and Phil for putting me right). They end up living opposite the Garrick Theatre on Barrington Rd. Theres no obvious house comparison now I can see on Rightmove, but if they paid 475K, theres a couple of other much larger houses on Barrington Rd for sale for another 50K..
  10. Alright, listened with sound, just in case it wasn't safe for work. If this was the Daily Mail, the pigs would be a single mother (Woman who lived in a shoe?). The wolf would be a polish plumber. If this was the Telegraph, the pigs were clearly stupid to take on too much debt. Its hardly the banks fault for giving it them when they signed all the forms.
  11. The Guardian is the only broadsheet I read. Its 'Online First' policy seems to mean that it also has the most accurate science and technology news. However its lefty bias shines through. The Wolf clearly had it coming to him, but the Guardian (Or Manchester Guardian, as it likes to imagine itself) is the only paper that would get upset by this.
  12. The region listed as just Sale, around the Sale town center, are good. Theres good schools and links into Manchester. It gets a bit dodgy further away. The area on the other side of Washway Road, Sale West, goes downhill very quickly. Further out from Manchester along the road/tramway/canal, theres Brooklands, Timperley and Altrincham. Altrincham is more expensive still, but Brooklands and Timperley are similar prices. You can't go wrong there with lots of 1930s 3 bed semis. Theres quite a few people on the forum from this area.
  13. Er, as I said above, I'm not proud with having made money and its not been a good way of making money anyway. Its been my home, not a pwoperty. I'm trying to find a way now where I could help my neighbour's daughter with a very reduced rent. Problem?
  14. I bought my house for £120K in 2002, and I reckon it would now be worth £180K*. I've no mortgage. I've lived there as its only resident for the past 10 years. Ive married my girlfriend in the past year, and I'm going to make her home my main residence. So I was looking at selling. Happily, I don't need the sale money from my house immediately. However one of my neighbours has asked me about renting my house for their daughter. I'm open to this idea, though I don't have dreams of being a permanent landlord. However reading on the rules on whether to pay tax at http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/Taxes/TaxOnPropertyAndRentalIncome/DG_4016337, my understanding is that if I rent the house for even a week whilst not living there, I would immediately have to pay capital gains tax on my £60K gain. Is that right? There seems to be a period of 3 years after getting married whilst the house is allowed to not be my main residence, but thats only if it is empty or I am sole resident. So I can't see how it is going to be in my interest to rent when stacked against the tax. There does seem to be an alternative of renting to her as a lodger. Though the taxman might not be happy when he finds I'm not living there, and theres a rental cap of £4200, and it means that only the daughter can live there. Thanks for any help. I really feel quite dirty asking this. (* So thats 5% per annum, even with simple interest rate. For most of the time I've been resident the average saving rate would have been greater than 5%. I'm well aware of my blessings, but I'm not that impressed with property as a get rich quick scheme.)
  15. It still has the potential to be a fantastic place again (Not many towns have an ice rink, cinema, 2 sport centers, michelin restaurant, train station, tram station in 3 mins walk from the M&S), but its gone wrong. The Pitta Crepe stall thats opened up near WH Smiths is fab, and the owner is doing an enthusiastic job. But its bizarre that he can only manage it by leaving his trailer parked in place rather than opening as a new shop.
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