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  1. It's probably down to me, based on some of the numbers in this thread, like using 20% more fuel at 80mph than 70mph. I quite often found myself driving well into instant ban speeds but I've been working from home for a month or two now, must be costing the treasury an absolute fortune.
  2. Low interest rates mean people have had an easy time on the mortgage repayments, relatively, so they haven't had to move. Hence low volume figures for house price sales while everyone sits on their hands. If inflation takes off you might find that situation changes and people start to feel the impact.
  3. I had to wait over two years recently for an operation on a slipped disc - and I was down as urgent! They took so long to operate after taking an MRI (which I didn't receive ear protection for and I'm certain has damaged by hearing significantly) that the MRI fell out of date after a year and I had to be sent for another one! I also used to write software for NHS systems so I'm well aware that the Labour line on waiting lists is complete ********.
  4. Has anyone got a graph/data on the volume of house price sales over, well, as long a period as possible?
  5. Software developer (TV at the moment).
  6. I guess that's without considering inflation too?
  7. The bill wouldn't be so big without so many landlords.
  8. This is what they _should_ be doing and if the FSA think they have any chance of not being reformed they have to show they've got some influence somehow. It would sort this mess out in one fell swoop though rather than desperately clinging on to the pyramid so there would be huge opposition to it. So little's selling at the moment anyway.
  9. Seen it around, but I still can't read past 'a citizen of Great Briton'.
  10. Probably something to do with no one being interested in the prices they advertise at. Finding out further down the line won't make any difference other than to buyers.
  11. I think you must be the bigot - I didn't deny Windows marketshare or even pass comment on MySQL? As it happens I think MySQL has a place, but I'm an Oracle user on a daily basis in an enterprise environment where MySQL wouldn't be appropriate. Windows marketshare is difficult to get accurate figures for though - my machines were all either purchased in parts or with Windows on them. Somewhat relevant though that IE's market share dropped under 70% for 2009.
  12. Jesus. If you're a Linux user you really should be more informed. Linux actually supports more devices than ANY other OS. Fact. Ok, there's the odd proprietary Broadcom chip that has to wait a while for someone to reverse engineer and that's why users would think Windows supports more devices, but what you and they are probably missing is the vast number of mobile phones, set top boxes, medical devices, etc which run Linux and just don't make it obvious to the end user. My girlfriend uses Linux. My grandad uses Linux. You don't have to be an enthusiast, but because of failing education standards you may not be introduced to Linux without knowing an enthusiast. Individuals supporting Linux installations are more expensive (you get what you pay for in this area), but you need much less of them. Swings and roundabouts there. Linux happens to be my preferred OS. Frankly though, I'm fairly happy with any Unix, be it anything from Solaris to OSX (you wouldn't catch me forking out for the hardware with that one though)! The many flavours of Windows constitute the worst OS' I've ever had the displeasure of having to use, mainly because they're incapable of multi-tasking.
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