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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm id like some messy time with steph :-)
  2. i know people that work there (stockport mcvities). Im sick of the sight of penguins and jaffa cakes now im suprised you could smell it on a magic bus 192. they stink of sick,spunk and fags.
  3. source : http://www.ukcolumn.org/2009/04/14/bank-of-england/ Mike Robinson Many people believe that the Bank of England is a privately owned corporation. Many people believe that it’s owned by the Rothchilds. Neither of these beliefs is true. The truth is much worse. The story of the Bank of England is the story of the British Empire. The British Empire was never a political empire. It was always a monetary financial empire, as much a parasite on the people of Great Britain as the rest of the world. The idea of the Victorian’s British Empire bringing civilisation to the darkest parts of
  4. i always though SOLAR ACTIVITY dictated out climate more than a few cows farting in a field or a volcano releasing co2 etc. ho hum 31,000 31,000 31,000
  5. like that german chaps cats in the box thingy? like one of them huh huh huh? is it huh?
  6. Man Made global warming is not even a theorem it is a hypothesis.
  7. i hate 6ft blondes with bald snatches. DO NOT SEND ANY TO MY HOUSE OK? did you get that? DO NOT SEND ANY 6ft Blond ladies with bald snatches to my house. i hate them too.
  8. Dragons exist. they really do. they are coming to burn down your house unless you pay me. I cannot prove this but take my word .... they are real and its your fault and they are coming to your house. Are you scared? Do you want to pay me the global Dragon tax yet or ill scare you some more?
  9. global warming causes cooling causeth all manner of things. global warming causeth the sun to rise and moon to cross the sky.......etc etc etc
  10. well YOU can pay the global taxes... voulunteer yourself just dont expect me to pay. oh yes....31,000
  11. 31,000 scientists is alot of scientists i like that number ..its quite big 31,000 31,000 31,000 scientists nyah nyah nyah nyaaaaaaaaah
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