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  1. Same anecdote from me. One of my neighbours, in his late 40's or early 50's just took voluntary redundancy and got 6 times his annual salary (I'd guess it must be over 200K !). He got in early before all this started as he'd heard the rumours about the 2x limit. Meanwhile my contract in the private sector states I'm getting 1 week per year if I get made redundant. xux42 is right, this isn't about "the little people" this is about all the early 50's people expecting their huge payoff. Our generation have been royally f*cked over.
  2. Not a lot really if you put all your shopping, fuel and other bits and bobs on it. I've being doing this for a couple of years now with my visa card. Put just about everything on it each month and pay off the full bill. It gives me cashback plus lets me put that money in a savings account for over 20 days a month before removing it to pay the bill. Granted the savings account isn't paying much just now. :angry:
  3. Bah, that's nothing. I remember paying £80 for Streetfighter 2 on the SNES in 1992. Got it on import as soon as it came out so had to buy a converter cartridge with it. Probably the best money I ever spent on a video game.
  4. I think the problem now is that the pay in the public sector has caught up to and quite often overtaken the private sector, so in essence public sector workers are getting the best of both worlds.
  5. She's 26 now and bought the flat in 2004, so she must have been 21-22 then. Might make you want to vent some more.
  6. I take it you work in a secondary school? I don't know the situation now but I know around 6 years ago when my wife was looking for her first post (primary school) there were over 100 applicants for every single job she applied for. Dunno if it's still the same now. Oh, and her "gold plated pension" yearly advice came in the other day. Apparently her pension is on course just now to pay her 700 quid a year. Fantastic stuff, I'm sure that will bring her a life of luxury in retirement.
  7. It's not a salary, it's their disposable income.
  8. Up 5 point ******ing 2 percent in the newly formed Northumberland County Council. WTF did they get that figure from? 5.2% when I got 0% this year and I'm hoping that I keep my job. *****s. Band E, now a gnats ball hair off of £1800 a year for one of the lowest paying regions in the country.
  9. Only problem for her is that Will Smith has already done the movie and he did it better since he had a kid in tow with him.
  10. What happens if no one else will take them? Does the bank repossess them even although they haven't missed a payment? I always thought that your mortgage agreement reverted to svr when the fixed or tracker part ran out, you didn't need to get a new deal if you didn't want to. Just so happens that the svr is so low it's actually worth while for all those that fixed in 2006-2007 to just get put on the svr as it will likely be less than their fixed one.
  11. They get put on that "punative" svr of 3.5%? Which, incidentally is 2% lower than my fixed rate. First time in my life I take a fixed rate (1.5 years ago) and IR's got to the lowest in history. I'm pretty sure I could back a loser in a 1 horse race.
  12. You do realise that those vouchers only make the payment tax free, don't you? You still have to actually hand over £200 to get the vouchers, the government doesn't give you a £200 voucher every month.
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