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  1. Hello all, a new member here. I have been reading these pages for a very long time and have been learning a lot from the various posters over the years and really expanding my understanding on a number of topics. So thanks very much to you all!! Personally I am (what's the right term?) 'middle age', so really at the stage where I start to ask myself some of those questions about what do next with life and investments etc. I am soon finishing a few years on of an international assignment (in the EU) so have been observing the UK (and London, my home) over the last 3 years. I (including wife and kids) rent where we live currently but we own a place, almost outright back in UK, I think the right term is "mortgage-neutral". I was lucky to be able to do so back in the early 2000's when it was still possible, just about (not that I gave it much thought, I needed to live somewhere and bought rather than rented....funny this was almost a natural and uncontroversial issue back then) My personal view is that a large house price downwards correction in UK (and in fact globally) is long overdue and in fact would be hugely beneficial to the economy and the younger generations as they approach the stage I was at 20 years ago. I did it then, they should be able to do it now! Anyway, look forward to interacting with you all (when I have something intelligent to contribute with!!)
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