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  1. Constipated? Isn't the ad hominem attack a bit beneath you? Come on, you made the assertion, let's hear the prediction. You never know (okay you do!), you might get it right and surprise us both.
  2. You are the one making predictions - well predict then. THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH is nothing more than flatulence - (possibly a cause of global warming!) ABC has happened which might indicate DEF unless GHI - is fine - XYZ is going to happen - sheer bol-o-rama. You don't KNOW. If you are not willing to put it on the block stop telling us Gold will rise/ fall, melt away etc. "I told you so," is so tiresome especially from people who didn't tell us so until afterwards because they hedged their bets at the time. Dump or get off the pot.
  3. Good question. Might it be that some sad losers think that if the economy goes 'POP' they will somehow be unaffected and be able to buy massive houses on the cheap and get their own back by making a killing in the next inflationary cycle? FOFL
  4. And predictive prices - answers to my question/challenge - came there none. Noted. PS. I see you leave yourself the opportunity to say you were right - tomorrow!
  5. So you're predicting GOLD will fall? Let's get that co ck on the block... 30 day price 60 day price 120 day price 365 days ahead - or, in house price terms, 3 years hence. Invest in gold or houses? So many people on this site think they've got magic powers of prediction... It wall fall - soon, eventually, crash, disaster etc etc. You don't KNOW.
  6. ING have a great internet system but since so much money was pulled from them and their reluctance to keep a competitive interest rate I left them for pastures new.
  7. Tell me about Irish property prices and the lenders that whoosed it all up, why don't you? Safe as houses, naturally. The safest place is gilts -short dated - and NS&I accounts.
  8. Markets go up AND down on a daily basis! Fridays get a lot of movement as folk balance books and cover bets as well as trying to influence the closing figures. 1-2% = so what, 10+%, wake me up.
  9. Exactly. He has had so much stick for the 'Greenspan put' that he is trying to force Bernanke to go the same way to recover face. I get the distinct impression that both the Fed and the BofE would prefer to leave rates alone and not give ground.
  10. Like the vast majority of people I actually live in my house. Why on earth would I want to offload them onto before the game is up? Where would we all live, on the street?
  11. 95 votes - 66.32% say 10% falls or less in 12 months. A crash? Any savvy buyer will try offers 10% less than asking and get 5% or walk away. What sort of crash is this? The 'big crash but not now' merchants will always be right. If you want your own place long term (5-7 years) and can afford it with a safety margin, buy it. Anyone who tells you what the market will do is either a gambler, a charlatan or a wishful thinker.
  12. I love your attitude! Try living in a block of gold. Housing gains are tax free. I've been heavily into property since 1980 and I am very happy.
  13. Looking at this http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html Since sept 1997 being deep into houses knocked gold into a cocked hat. See 10 year chart Also, vertical rise currently showing as a rise from 685 > 697. Thank god I've only got one and a half sovs invested.
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