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  1. @stan30 We live right in the South of Leytonstone, near Cann Hall road. Thoroughly recommend it. There's some snobbery in Leytonstone toward those of us in the south. Doesn't bother me - down here we get the best (ahem) of Forest Gate and Leyton. Also near the Olympic Park and Hackney Wick. Was always a 'cheap' area (relatively speaking) given the proximity to central London, and prices still lag a bit (although I haven't needed to check for ages). The whole area - including Leyton as others have mentioned - has improved enormously in the last couple of years. Leyton in particular was a place to avoid. Not now.
  2. We've had lots of Stokeyites move here to my bit of Leytonstone over the last 18 months or so.
  3. That's a view of Victoria park isn't it? Great area. You could get a 2-bed in Leyton for 270k, which is near Bow/Hackney Wick, just the other side of the Olympic Park. I have no idea what Stanmore is like, but Leyton has improved dramatically over the last couple of years. It's also much more central than Stanmore, if that matters.
  4. I cycle past here nearly every day and I always wonder how the residents deal with the A12. Maybe they just tune it out after a while. That aside, it's a lovely terrace - with Victoria park literally the other side of the street.
  5. The opening of the Olympic park has dragged central London a couple of miles further east. I just can't ever see the East Village becoming a ghetto - shortage of housing and the (disturbing) trend for Local Authorities is to shunt their tenants out of London will see to that. For what it's worth, I like the new developments. They're human-scaled, set in huge parklands right on the edge of areas that are themselves improving weekly. When families move in and the area looks a bit more 'lived in' I can see it becoming a very desirable area. You've also got maybe the best transport links in Europe practically on your doorstep. Redtom - I live in Leytonstone and do that same commute, though I go down to Hackney Wick via the lift. It's a lovely ride. Quiet roads and parks until Cambridge Heath road. The QE Park is about the best thing to ever happen to the area.
  6. " But south Leytonstone round Thatched House/Cann Hall, and down towards Maryland/Newham is still almost entirely Eastern European and Asian. " Nope. It really isn't. It's as diverse as any other part of Waltham Forest (with the exception of Chingford). But what the heck do I know? I've only lived in South Leytonstone for eleven years.
  7. I see plenty of evidence all the time. There were far more Eastern Europeans in our 'hood when the Olympic park was being constructed, not surprisingly. There is still a significant population of Eastern Europeans, but 70-90%? Of the six houses sold near us in the last year or so, all but one have gone to couples with a baby/young kid. Two of those families moved here from Hackney, one from Brixton, one from Stoke Newington and one from Bethnal Green (as did we, years ago). The other house was a BTL - currently rented to (I think) Lithuanians.
  8. And my goodness, Leytonstone is really quite a nice place. I've lived there for nearly 12 years. I know the house mentioned up-thread for 455K - our friends own it. They tried to sell about three years ago but didn't get a single viewing. Last saturday they had eight couples in to look round. They want to move to the countryside up North, but they're in no hurry. They just thought they'd see what would happen if the put it on a 'daft' price. And it isn't 'two streets away' from the double murder that happened the week before last. It's a good 10-15 minute walk. I'm not blind to the area's problems but things like that are very rare. South Leytonstone is run down, no doubt about it. But the whole point is that you buy in an area in the anticipation that it will improve. And South Leytonstone has improved immeasurably since we've been here. It's gradually morphing from bedsit land back to family houses.
  9. Leytonstone's gentrification is being led by young families priced out of Hackney and Stoke Newington. There already is an arty community in the shadow of Westfield - Fish Island, between Bow and Hackney Wick. A lot of 'creatives' have moved into Forest Gate and South Leytonstone in the last year or so.
  10. I was surprised as anyone when that cafe opened in Maryland. It's called 'The Nook' and it's actually very nice. I think it's actually a disused estate agent! I doubt the buyers care much for peace and quiet - they'll have that when they get their second property, which at this rate will mean a commute from Basildon or somewhere.
  11. Oops. Phone posted before I was ready. Despite myself I actually quite like the so-called 'East Village'. I can see it doing well in a few years. Now the park Is open it's an easy walk/cycle to the groovy fleshpots of Hackney Wick, Mare Street and Lauriston Road. I suspect the people who buy there will have mates in Hackney and the rapidly-gentrifying neighbours like Leyton and Forest Gate. But no, I don't see much in the way of gentrification in Stratford - although a 'hipster' cafe has opened opposite Maryland station.
  12. Nah, mate - I'm from Yorkshire. I do have a red beard though :-)
  13. We had a look at a flat in Bow Quarter when we were renting back in the 90s. It was enormous - but in the wrong way. Tall enough for a giraffe wearing a top hat, but long and thin with a huge window overlooking the train tracks. The same evening we looked at an ex-council flat behind Mile End station. Rejected both, mainly because the area felt very unsafe back then. Wouldn't think twice now.
  14. Er, despite the lack of a 24hr Tube, Londoners are already partying all night. They just get Taxis home, or night buses. Nothing will change - unless you live near a Tube track/station.
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