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  1. Don't suppose that was Queuebay by any chance? gB
  2. I was going to contibute to this thread about laziness, but then realised I could nae be bothered, old beans
  3. Old goonboy wonders why these folks in "negative equity" don't sue the surveyors who "valued" the house when they bought it... gB
  4. Rubbish! It's 7.45 am, 37 seconds, 3rd of August 2022. Get your facts right! gB
  5. You are super, your husbands a lucky chap! gB
  6. That's 'cause they have too, by law, good old EU :-) gb
  7. I don't have any problem with that, in fact poor old goonboy runs credit checks, backround checks, other private checks, go to old co. house and get info, et.c etc. before agreeing a contract with a potential customer (i.e. you), you would be surprised what can show up! gB
  8. Ain't that Carol Vorderman a member of MENSA, well when she wasn't too busy flogging dodgy loans to the vunerable? MENSA's are a load of old rubbish, apparently these MENSA chaps can "join" (i.e pay money to someone who agreed they could solve a simple pattern matching puzzle), doesn 't strike me as that intelligent old bean! gB
  9. Too right, what a crap poem - it don't even rhyme, Guv! Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy had no hair, so Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't Fuzzy, Was 'e? Much better, it rhymes and it makes you think! gB
  10. Yep, a quick hop on the train down to Martigny to watch 'em go by. No-one saw me on the telly though :-( what a swizz That road down from Megeve to Sallaches is awesome to drive down! gB
  11. Eh up Ted, Ta for the info! I've been hiding in my secret mountain hideaway I call the "Eagles Nest", plotting, MWHAHAHAHAH... gB
  12. Many a supervillain was foiled by that eyebrow raising trick of yours, False One Poor old gB had to rely upon suave good looks, wit and charm, also some things that explode. Enjoy the sun, old chap, I shall bid you all adieu pour ce soir! A bientot gB P.S. My favorite spanish drink is readily available in France, a cafe OLE ! HAHAHAHA
  13. It's not a fair comparison old chap , there's no variance in the quality of lawers, they're all the spawn of an estate agent crossed with a soul of the damned! gB
  14. Another reason they can't find English developers, Mr False Bond, is because an awful lot have not only become consultants, but have also had the sense to leave the country for greener pa$ture$ ! What's the point of earning circa a few hundred quid a day if you live in an overpriced place dump like London, with it's woeful public transport, crime and of course those ghastly Londoners ;-) gB
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