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  1. Why not. No one is buying, no body wants a bargain in the housing market, everyone is waiting and waiting a long time, less are selling because the waiting to sell and worry that it will not go through is massive. I think house builder will rip your hand off and pay the solicitors big money to get the paperwork through fast.
  2. You have more of a margin to play with, why not charge less.
  3. My bet was for a 17% fall on the year ending December. I remember everyone saying no chance. It could be a possibility, what do you think?
  4. Not a true measure but interesting. http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_...amp;size=Medium
  5. Does anyone know of any property to rent in the Silverdale, Lancashire area. 3 bed. That isn't on rightmove, fish4 or primelocation Cheers Nik
  6. They are only putting the interest rates down so everyone will spend, spend, spend over christmas then in the new year they will put them back up.
  7. Sorry wrong expression!! Property Valuation done by a surveyor Market Valuation done by an Estate Agent Is that right?
  8. What should I be watching out for with a Quick buy property investor? I know they only offer 80% of the property value (not 80% of the market value). Can they get it done in 4 - 8 weeks? Does anyone know any pitt falls? Cheers
  9. I am now I have the valuation. Just got the Homebuyers report via email. Typical issues that need attention and a big quote saying "The agreed purchase price would appear to reflect these matters to some degree but a lower valuation than the agreed price has been expressed and you would be advised to re-negotiate." We will do another viewing with Homebuyers report in hand.
  10. If the valuation said this price then I would suspect a problem with the property. Hopefully I'm not being stupid for requesting some feedback on what to do next and who to trust (the valuation by a professional or the EA who wants to make money).
  11. When you say that the EA is putting pressure on, could the EA have some set script about this invisible person who would like to put an offer on the property higher than our present offer of £185k now they know the valuation is £180k. Can a EA lie about offers being put on a property?
  12. Yep, I would like to agree a price and thats it, but why give us the valuation report, is it any use to us. By the way the amount they put down on insuring the property is £117k is this the true value of rebuilding the property? This is just messing things up. Should we just ignore a valuation?
  13. What about this, Our solicitor rang this morning after the details of the EA who we are buying from for details of the oppointed solicitor of the seller. The seller has not proceeded with the solicitor until we confirm the price (we are waiting for the homebuyers report but have the valuation). The EA asked if the Valuation was OK and we told them that it had been valued at £180k , 5k less than the offer. The EA started to go on about another offer from another person who hadn't viewed the property yet but the offer is much more than our offer? Are the telling porkies? Can EA do this? We are waiting for the Homebuyers to see details. What do you all think?
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