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  1. To be honest I don't really care anymore. I know our practice is becoming part of a commissioning group but I'm not involved in the negotiations. All I want to do is see the patients, make the necessary referrals, deal with the follow-ups and stay out of medical politics. I expect, once the commissioning groups are up and running, various dictats on prescribing and referrals will pass my way, to be briefly looked at and then binned and I will carry on with doing what I'm best at. I'm already known to be a 'bit awkward', according to my senior partner.
  2. A PCT pharmacist comes to our GP practice every so often to audit our prescribing, but since we are careful with our prescribing the savings are of the order of a couple of hundred pounds at most. The senior partner has banned me from talking to her after I pointed out to her that the savings to the PCT would have been much greater if the PCT had not employed her and left the practices she visits to 'get on with the job'.
  3. Not a active member now but Serpico was a damn fine poster.
  4. We have that, it's called EMIS LV and it's an excellent piece of software. What amuses me is that very few of the posters on this thread understand what the clinical needs are in the NHS, how people work, what information they need access to etc.
  5. Nokian winter tyres - specifically the WRG2 Bought four of these after last winter and have had no problems on any roads. Excellent grip and braking, will probably keep them on until Feb/March. No need to worry about ungritted roads with these tyres, just the idiot behind you trying to keep up on standard issue tyres and then him realising his braking is rubbish compared to yours.
  6. I have Google News alerts set up for all the institutions I have deposited money in and I was surprised to see the Leeds Building Society involved in a repossession case in Ireland as I thought such building societies would only lend 'at home': Court grants a record 18 house repossession orders Not one repayment ever made on the property and the husband having no intention of making any repayments! What on earth was this building society doing lending to such f###kwits? No wonder Fitch downgraded the Leeds Building Society's debt this week along with 6 others, there is obviously a lot more pain to come in the building society sector: Mutual societies under pressure on debt downgrade
  7. If the borrowers had indeed taken out ‘liar loans’, then who were the liars?
  8. From today's FT: Experts warn of further home loan fraud losses While banks can access the Government/BOE bailout facilities, building societies who can't are going to be hit much harder as the decade's rampant mortgage fraud becomes apparent. The Nationwide seems to have hit its limit in taking over failing building societies so either the Government will have to step in directly, as it did with the Dunfermline, or we will start to see outright failures.
  9. in 1996, when I applied for my first mortgage from the Halifax, I had to take two years of payslips with me. As I was a Registrar and therefore considered to be a doctor in training I had to provide the details of the training scheme organiser so that she could be written to as the Halifax wish to enquire about my prospects. I had a 25% deposit for my house purchase. Lending is about the three Cs: capacity to repay, collateral (deposit) and character. Any bank or building society that forget these simple principles will eventually be in serious trouble, as we taxpayers are now finding out.
  10. Cheltenham & Gloucester hasn't been a Building Society since 1997 when it demutualised and was taken over by Lloyds.
  11. If the Britannia Building Society is buying repos then it seems to be an incredibly risky strategy. Unless the Britannia has sufficient funding to cover any losses through default and the bottom of the housing is in then the Britannia is doing nothing more than doubling-up on a losing gamble. If it's an attempt to support house prices then the Britannia will find out that the truism 'You can't buck the market' is just that - true.
  12. While the Nationwide merged with the Portman in 2006 & the Derbyshire and the Cheshire building societies in 2008 -- in other words bailing them out -- it didn't merge with the Dunfermline earlier this year but just bought the assets, retail deposits and prime lending book. I think the Nationwide has hit the limits of its ability to help out the building society sector.
  13. Agreed DissipatedYouth, with the general public just about to go into collective mass hysteria over this new influenza scare we'll soon see them screaming to see their GPs for some rubbishy little sniffle of no consequence. Especially the GP bashers on here. Brainless idiots.
  14. Summary removal from the list is what's required. I had a patient who called me a f*****g c**t last month, shouting it loud enough to be heard by the Practice Manager at the desk. As the patient stormed past the reception desk the Practice Manager informed the patient in direct terms that the patient had just been removed from the list. A couple of keystrokes for EMIS LV apparently and a fax later to the PCT. Most of our patients at that particular branch surgery would never use the phrase, "I pay your wages", as most of them seem to be on benefits.
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