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  1. This is just mind trickery. They're simply giving you back part of what you just gave them and paying you less than 3% interest, with your money locked in for 3 years. The funny part is how they jazz it up with "perfect if you need cash before Christmas" without pointing out that you've already got the cash before you give it to them. If the population really are this dozy, I think I'll open a car-wash offering 'new cars' for £10. Word will get around that I offer really good trade-in values until the DVLA get pissed off with having to change the V5 details to the same original owner. "But Daddy this is the same car we drove here in". "No son, I traded that one in because it was so dirty"
  2. What part of "offering to take off the young to give to the old " is 'blaming pensioners'? Maybe part of the problem is the too many English people can't understand English.
  3. There's no need to shout, especially considering my post didn't blame any pensioners. And a pension is a variant of social security, they're both money paid out by the state. Look, they invented computers in the 50's to do people's work. They started importing Japanese cars in the 70s. But no, British Leyland/ Rover etc etc was going to give everyone a job for life. Plenty of people could see the writing on the wall, but the shortsighted or the vested assumed they would be getting a payout that was mathematically unsustainable. The Social Security culture has bred a selfish 'beggar thy neighbour', 'I'm all right Jack' sort country. People either applauded Thatcher for telling them what they wanted to hear or cursed her for 'inventing' this selfishness. The common man has just run out of neighbours to steal from and is only now starting to complain about those few left with the power to do so.
  4. Fooled by whom? Churchill or the Labour Party in 1945? Anyone can promise 'Social Security' by offering to take taxes from young people to pay for the old, then get the young into debt when fresh meat becomes scarce. If you offer the public a Pyramid Scheme vs sound economics, you're always going to get an initial miracle before the reality sets in. We're just lucky it lasted 50-odd years.
  5. It's a total nightmare. My gold and silver stocks have dropped by 2% of their increase over the past 4 years. May have to liquidate my positions just to stick with a 298% gain. Or hold on for 1000% gain over the next 2 years. Such a tough decision. Well, gold is in a bubble according to the 'experts', just so glad it's not worth anything, just a useless metal, blah blah bah.
  6. Except that Tesco staff had their pensions with Equitable. You go to work on a checkout and you expect to be paid, with some payment delayed until retirement. I think it's called being responsible. The only real answer is to have the board of EL and those involved with the heist to be executed in public. Same goes for every 'societal' financial theft, except the thieves easily manage to confuse their victims, because the victims rely on the thieves to run the system.
  7. Yes, it must have been the same guy that goes around telling people frightening things. Steve whatshisname down the pub. I can tell you I was jolly frightened too, and I don't frighten easily. What with the police currently having total control of crime and now maybe not having total control because it will all get out of control, I'm definitely very frightened.
  8. If I buy a bag of 6 apples for £1.50, but I want to save money, I go to this council's outsourcer do I? I now magically pay £1.00, because they get them for 50p and charge me a quid, and take 50p profit. So why didn't I actually just get them for 50p in the first place? No wait for it, I only get 2 apples. But for £1. Yet another scam on the stupid public.
  9. OK, have an underclass with hope then. Have a slogan like "Hope for Change", you may even get elected.
  10. In the US, health is a 'benefit', so maybe the writing is on the wall for the NHS.
  11. Here's what you do: 1) Starting October 2010, start listening to the Unions 2) Following their advice, take 3 million unemployed and: -Create 1 Million 'Bobbies on the Beat', thus cutting crime and making criminals pay. -Create 1 Million extra Teachers, thus educating our children so we can compete with India and China -Create 1 Million extra Nurses, thus making everyone instantly healthier and giving old people the care they deserve. 3) Now, if you pay them all a decent wage of, say £30K a year, then that's only £90Billion for salaries every year, and maybe another £50 billion for other employment costs such as pensions, uniforms, building, admin staff etc. A mere £140 Billion every year is all it would take to get the economy going again with all those people spending, so all we do is take out a bond for £140 Billion every year, and pay it back with the taxes from the previous year's tax receipts from the 3 billion workers, which would be erm, OK less than the money needed.. Stuck now, any Labour Party/ Union members tell me how I can make the figures add up?
  12. The whole point is that you on't use it as hard currency. It's an insurance policy, a savings scheme. Try taking your Halifax deposit book, or your premium bonds down to any shopkeeper. They won't accept them any more than they'll accept a sovereign. But once you change them back to cash money, it's a different story.
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