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  1. Slightly off topic, but has any one noticed how when a some one makes those nasty cheap sausages they normaly manage to keep the cost by using 2% meat and sawdust & rat droppings to bulk it up. However vegetarian sauasages are some of the most expensive ones you can buy, and where as the cheapo ones make a valiant attempt at tasting reasonably like a sausage and having a sausage like texture the vege ones completely miss the mark.
  2. Its obviously your decision, but in the current climate if it were me I would not pay that money for a flat in Bolton regardless of any other charge. If it were me I'd sit it out and rent a bit longer.
  3. Ive always thought that if I wanted to better myself and be an entrepreneur I would go to the US, the UK just doesn't promote or encourage such things. May be I'm wrong but I would have thought that those serious about bettering themselves would not come to the UK. The UK on the other hand is a good choice if you want free health care, free housing, free education, free school meals etc.
  4. I agree, its fast getting to the time where its pointless to keep playing ball when its obvious we are the ones getting mugged off.
  5. Im not much impressed with you tube. Im sure I remember a number of cases of them hosting video clips glorifying violent attacks on the public (i.e. happy slapping etc.) highlighted by the BBC and in newspapers but seemingly washing their hands of it. This strikes me as double standards.
  6. surely you can watch tv without being influenced by the ads. There are only a couple that I think I have paid any attention to. Bizarrely I always think of the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Polo as being the toughest cars there are when this clearly isn't the case based on the advertising (e.g. the Fiesta being used as a hockey puck).... but I don't drive so much good its done Ford.
  7. To be honest I probably would have in 1997 but I was too young. Since then I haven't voted. Im constantly told that this is a waste of a vote, but it isnt out of laziness. The reason I dont vote is I have yet to see a candidate that looked like they were at all concerned about any of the issues I consider important. Voting for the lying scumbags only gives them the impression that they have managed to trick you. As soon as I see a candidate I think is worthy of representing the British people I will be happy to vote.
  8. To be fair I think the forum has its fair share of doom mongers who would be privately whooping it up if we did have some kind of apocalyptic scenario.
  9. Too late, they wield too much power now. They probably wouldn't even need to resort to lobbying, just some snide press releases to their friends at the Sun & the Times and they get to win over public support from the vast majority of the morons.
  10. Any one on here want to apply for the role http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/thread/277566.aspx
  11. Take it with a pinch of salt when some one claims to have 10 GCSEs. A pass is widely considered by employers, colleges etc. to be any grade between an A and a C. However I have come across countless kids and parents who will insist that a grade E or above is the same as a pass, not to mention a couple who claim that having sat the exam is enough.
  12. The problem with this whole regeneration thing is there is only a finite number of 'young profs' (read gullible youngsters prepared to **** their money away) to go around and if by some miracle they were attracted to Bradford then surely they would have to leave where ever they currently live. The other problem is almost every godforsaken hole in the North East has some kind of magical regeneration scheme going on.
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