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  1. I responded to the poll with my wages..... Reread the post and have found for my area it is 10.8......wow Average price £181413 Utter Madness !!!
  2. Im sorry i havent Had time to read all the replies and everytihng people have had to say today... But after last nights TV feast well every one is ready to speak about infaltion/house prices / doom / more doom Its amazing and scary everyones wakin up 100% guaranteed.....
  3. put the 25% on black, twice..... Blacks only evens...... If your such a gambler to buy property right now perhaps you should try green 0 much better return, probably better chance than you ending up in negative equity!!
  4. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=60201 this topic is already underway.....
  5. Easier to close a server down than keep the doors on a high street branch closed !!!!!
  6. oh dear.....I am really worried for him !!!!!! He is going down as fast as the FTSE
  7. Good question. I wish I rembered I used to have a figure for the cost of each sqm2 of build. Older houses didnt really suffer as they were old as I saw. Plenty of options for modernising. A complete knock down and re build became more viable as the banks and lending became involved. Its not alway the house but the land ( as some one said earlier this week house prices dont go up its the land) at this time any rebuild costs in the right places were more than covered by increases in value ( thanks to credit) Obviously there there were places where things were really cheap....and no one wanted it.....so no value....if people left it would fall to dust......back to nature........
  8. Smell the Fear View Member Profile Add as Friend Send Message Find Member's Topics Find Member's Posts Today, 04:22 PM Post #28 HPC Senior Veteran Group: Members Posts: 4,286 Joined: 17-May 05 From: London Member No.: 1,936 Bull or Bear? Bull Does anyone know what house price multiples are like in other "unequal" societies around the world (for this is where the UK is heading). I suspect in places like India, Russia and Brazil they maintain huge multiples of average salary due to most of the population being dirt poor, living many wage-earners to a house and devoting a very large proportion of their income to keeping a roof over their head. As this is the sort of place the UK is fast becoming I think that these countries give the best prediction of where we are headed. I have had a look on t'internet but can't find any data on this. Does anyone know if this is true or not? This post has been edited by Smell the Fear: Today, 04:23 PM In reply to this I lived in Hungary for quite a few years first arrived there in about 1993. At that point I found it very appealing because it had avoided the globalisation pitfalls we see everywhere today 14 years later. I am not saying they had, had a great time through Russian occupation until 1986. But when people wanted to move they sold a house and moved. If you wanted to buy a house you walked around the town and looked for home made notes in the window Ez a Haz Elado...this house is for sale. No esate agents. Also borowing money to buy a house was unknown you would just pay in cash. No mortgages. By the time I left around 2000 things had completly changed. Most of what I had liked was dissapering, didnt take long for the western financiers and marketers to get there influence across. Borrowing money to buy a home was becoming the norm.....so what do you think that did to house prices??? Exactly the more you could borrow and the easier the credit the more the price of the house. Its a no brainer this is the same as the UK borrow more, the seller knows and sells for more. The only person who is winnning is the bank, once this kind of stuff starts to happpen. Example well done Neuro you can borrow this much for Each £1 you borrow you only need to pay back £2.12 over 25 years ....fact from quote last week. Banks are worse than the mafia. Well its all about credit slavery and control but dont want to get too heavy. As well as this at the time town not city area properties were all detached and had good sized gardens. It was possibe to grow fruit / vegtables make wine and preserves for the winter and keep chickens for eggs or meat, as well as a couple of pigs...of which nothing was wasted come slaugher time. If poster Dom reads this would love to hear your ideas on taking over land building for a agri survival project. Once again by 2000 things were begining to change.....young people taking out loans / mortgages and say no I would rather go to Tesco than spend an hour or 2 in the garden to save some cash and eat a better quality of food. Ok lets move on 2006. Moldova for the general public estate agents dont exist its all done through word of mouth and free add type newspapers. If you see something you would like you go along and buy it ...Yes pay cash ...Buy it...!!! Unbelievable for all you credit junkies I know. But properties are affordable and you have the cash to buy it! Please dont think that the countries you mentioned will ever achieve the quality of life we saw in this country 15 years ago or so. What is going on is for the first world to meet the 3 world !! America is well on the way to this already.. So to summersie these countries you sniff at were in a much better position but our fiendly ( Rothschild et al ) banking buddies are slowly spreading their influence to bring about global control and the end of common sense and market prices. And I disagree we offer them the best indication of where they are heading......we are the test...
  9. I am in shock just surfing around the news this morning ( or propoganda ) and saw this which is what your colleague is refering to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1770 With the credit squeeze, repsossesion figures, and number of mortgages in arears how can any one believe this. Is this just a smoke screen to make everyone feel better, to push the undeceided should I shouldnt I buy into buy buy mode?
  10. Not only should milk prices rise it is also in short supply. Bulk prices ( for re processing ) for butter / milk powder have nearly doubled since the start of the year. These price increases are yet to filter down to shop level. But they must or what is the point of running a business at 50% loss? Cheese contracts are also been renegotiated while the product is on the shelves .... this is unheard of ! See these property type programes they look at farm houses..... Didnt a farm house once come with a farm.....???? Because of global weather oddities Chinas new wealth and desire for milk related products and the economic reality for farmers in the UK milk is in short supply. So not only is the price of milk under pressure but all products derived from it....... skim milk cheese yoghurt butter margarine type spreads milk powder double cream Well all creams whipping /single / pouring creme fraiche sour cream milk shake drinks Then wait for products that use milk derivates like milk powder in chocolate for example.... Sell farm houses with farms and get the milk buyers to pay a market price...OMG Evian costs more per liter than milk!!!
  11. Was this a hows your business doing post ? Or a IT skills debate? Just wondering.... By the way area I work in is doing well sales above budget......plenty of cheap immigrant labour about!
  12. Just got my vote in for a crash....snowball is starting to grow CAST YOUR VOTE Is the housing market about to crash? Results: Votes Per cent Yes 6,150 44% No 5,395 39% Don't know 2,399 17% Total votes: 13,944
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