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  1. Getting a multi fuel stove installed next month and stocking up on lots of wood and sea coal from the beach.
  2. Getting a multi fuel stove installed next month and stocking up on lots of wood and sea coal from the beach.
  3. So true, the US were out for a bit of patricide since 1776. When they achieved their aim has the world been a better place ? The British century (the 19th) looks like a utopia compared to the one the yanks have been presiding over. Why do our fawning politicians persist in trying to "punch above our weight" and follow their ill conceived foreign adventures is beyond me. If only we could find politicians that were content working domestically instead of being some world statesmen the better off we'd all be.
  4. If you open your mouth and sound like a geordie, you'll be taken for one, whether you like it or not. That means plenty of folks who live in Berwick, Alnwick, Wooler, even a few in Carlise. You can argue with someone it's within sight of the tyne if you like... but after the hundredth time I bet you don't. BTW there hasn't been a country between England and Scotland since 954 so I'd try and get with the times if I were you. The point I was trying to make which you have singularly failed to address is that saying people from X are stupid makes you a bigot. I'm more than happy to discuss that further or why you think IQs drop dramatically over 40 miles.
  5. Sorry to break it to you but most outside the region would say you were a geordie. Hence I'm doubly confused by your blanket generalisations. Are you thick ? Your family etc.. because they were born in a certain area ? I get narked by this sort of thing because it's basically racism. If I exchanged the word Africans or Aborigines for your statement you might get the point. For the record I'm from a small place somewhere between Morpeth and Alnwick with a suitably border reiver clan name. However If anyone outside of Northumberland asks me then I tell them I'm a geordie or else I'll be met with blank looks.
  6. Case closed on geordie intelligence I'd say, that proves it, no way would Londoners for example act in such a thick as pig shit manner.... IKEA riot Say it aint so ubermensch Southerners nearly crush each other to death over the opening of an IKEA store. Newcastle has more in common with Edinburgh than London so I'd much rather we threw our lot in with Scotland if they break away. Your a prime example of why I'd like to see it happen. Just another arrogant, ignorant southern pr1ck who fails to see that other peoples and parts of the country are equally valid.
  7. The referendum was as toothless as the coalition spending cuts. Not even power to dual the A1 to Edinburgh. Thanks for your opinion on a couple of million peoples IQs BTW. Makes me wish we were joining the jocks away from twats like you.
  8. Gold stolen out of their dead mouths after they'd been murdered lets not forget. They were also rather cooperative with the transport arrangements. If that's the price of quality of life I'd rather move to Somalia.
  9. If the city of London upped sticks and f*cked off to Zurich on mass I couldn't give a tinkers toss. I'd much rather we got back to actually making things for a living than flipping digits on a computer screen. It certainly doesn't seem to be doing Germany or China any harm having an engineering led export driven economy. You seem to be living under the deluded view of all bankers that the tail wags the dog.
  10. Have you ever heard of industrial espionage ? That's what China really leads the world in.
  11. Is this thread still going ? I gave up on Australia this year and returned to the UK. More than partially due to the insane housing/salary multiples. Good luck for the New Year Oz, keep praying the Chinese economy doesn't fall off a cliff or you'll find your million dollar fibro shacks may disappear with it.
  12. The worst area on tyneside. If my only other alternative was sleeping on the street I might be convinced to take one and only if it was free. I sold a lovely period 1 bed flat 2 mins from Leazes park for around 100K last year. If the council get a ton for those, I should have tripled the price.
  13. I think that point is debatable, just because the cost of workers is cheap it doesn't necessarily follow the overall cost is lower. I've lost count of the number of disastrous offshore projects or ITC sourced projects I've seen brought back into departments to be fixed and delivered. At far greater overall cost to those companies than if built in house in the first place.
  14. I think your missing something, we have NO advantage, there is NOTHING we can do that can't be done in India cheaper. However my argument isn't about putting up barriers to trade with India, it is the direct importation of workers into our country who don't have the burden of our costs. If you think your job isn't at risk to this process, that your some unique and special snow flake then you are a fool.
  15. Are you an accountant, "no accountant"? The exact same thing is starting to happen in your industry. I doubt wheather the above will be of much comfort to you when you can't put bread on the table for your wife and kids. There is no reason at all why we should have to compete against 3rd world wages in our own country.
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