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  1. Yes Yes it's here! Stop being hysterical and stop using capital font. It's insulting. We are not stupid and can read.
  2. Has anybody read the Times yesterday about selling your house? Their advise was to put your property on the market at 10% less than the valuation from an EA.
  3. I am in all favour of that. Why is this not happening already? What was the interest rate in 1985?
  4. I am sure we are heading into recession but not into depression.
  5. Old news, Radio4 has done a story on this last week
  6. First blame the greedy banks for their irresponsible lending, then blame the greed eas, then blame greed speculators with energy, food etc. on the stock market, then blame this government. I dislike NU_Labour for wasting our money, for starting a pointless war, for killing innocent people but they are 4th or 3rd on my list of who to blame for the current economic crisis.
  7. I think this is global hysteria talking. Economies around the world have advanced by miles since 1930!
  8. Are we heading into Depression rather than Recession?
  9. I am waiting for Daily Express and other high class newspaper to start blaming us Czechs and other people from behind the iron curtain for this:) just kidding
  10. are we finally trully ******ed? let's run for the hills
  11. somebody please explain to me how romania ended up in eu? and why is britain not doing something about the problems they cause here?
  12. that still doesn't mean you can label the whole bbc the same way.
  13. I wonder if Tories were in charge at the start of the war in Iraq would they follow GW like an obediant puppy? Tony did follow him. He also "went in" because his Christian belief led him to think he was morally right.
  14. err I don't which BBC you watch or listen to but this morning on Radio 4 a great deal of the morning show was given to the budget
  15. A massive increase in the population Already happening Many houses destroyed Not destroyed but not enough houses are being built
  16. As the title suggests..... Are we heading back to Dickensian era? 3 families will share 1 house ie only 1 room per family etc.
  17. I fully agree with you. I also think we shouldn't pay any income tax. This goverment wastes tax payers money!
  18. I fully agree with you. I am sure the "chain reaction" is going to happen sooner or later. BTW wages in India for IT workers have doubled in the past year. How long before they catch up with Eastern Europe? Can India and China sustain their own economies? Probably not.
  19. I am sure you have done your research, you know lots of eastern europeans who are doing it already? I know shit loads of Spanish people who claimed and are still claiming benefits including housing etc. the moment they stepped off the plane. One Spanish guy slept rough for 2 months, claimed he's mentally unfit until his GP gave up on him and sent him to be examined etc. Now he has a nice council flat which he rents out to Australians and Kiwis while living with his girlfriend. How is that for imigration?
  20. Making this kind of assumption "I agree, why go back to a country when you can stay here and milk the benefits system systematically." is racist in my opinion.
  21. i am sure polish people prefer to stay in britain and live in cramped conditions being paid peanuts. sterling is heading south on the exchange market hence why they are leaving. the other reason are racist bigots like yourself. oh i forgot you are all too happy to accept that they pack your vegetables in shitty conditions, wipe your asses in local hospitals and serve you food. let's see how you like it when they do leave, how many honest english chavs are going to do those jobs. without eastern europeans this country would hit the rock bottom long time ago. wake up and smell your own ********.
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