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  1. 10:15am Comments now disabled on Daily Mail website. Managed to read the 6 newest, clcked on "view all" and then got the disabled message. All the comments I managed to read were extremely uncomplimentary. Wonder if that was the reason? Answers on a postcard please
  2. Cant believe this bloke Peter, they have had £30,000 from him and now they ask for more. No wonder he still lives with mum
  3. 21:40, yet another reference to post dated cheques What is wrong with these people?
  4. Looks like Kevin & Heather ( the partially sighted ones) are going to loose more than "their hearts to Dubai" It's still just a hole in the ground. £65,000 down the sand chute.
  5. Check out the entrance to "Dubai World" the rival to Disneyworld: The reality is a set of gates in the desert, nothing else but windblown sand, not even the odd tumbleweed. Priceless.
  6. If we had the same attitude to debt that they have in Dubai it would DEFINATLY focus people's minds
  7. Hi Can anyone on here help with the following problems? My girlfriend rents a one bedroom flat (through a lettings agent) nice place, good area, and she does not particually want to move. However there are 2 major problems with the flat that require urgent repair, and the landlord is dragging their feet over getting the jobs done. 1) An underground water supply leak has been diagonsed, and it is currently wasting about 150 gallons per day ( the flat has a meter). Thae landlord has been served with a waste water notice (since January), probably a few thousand to repair this as the vechicular access to the whole block will need to be dug up. 2) The boiler in the flat is knackered, and replacement is the only answer. It only works manually (no heating timer any more). The point is, the water people still want paying for the water used (wasted) and the heating cannot be set to come on before you get home from work, so the only answer has been to leave it running whilst the flat is empty. Both these problems are costing my girlfriend money and neither are her fault. . Any advice from users of this forum will be greatfully received. Thanks
  8. IMG]http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t235/rob59_photos/fiesta1a.jpg[/img] So, my old "hobby" car is also now worth a lot more than it was yesterday Happy Days (and no, it's not for sale)
  9. I got a vRS too, some of the best money I ever spent
  10. Personally I have never forgiven them for sinking our trawler during the last fishing dispute "Icelandic cod war". Would'nt be so bad but the Royal Navy stood by and watched, with nothing shooting but a camera. **** them, I say
  11. 49 yo telecoms engineer. 3 bed detached, mortgage paid off 2 years ago after doing an insane ammount of overtime for 6 years. No debts whatsoever 31 years paid into final salery pension scheme. Enough savings to last at least 3 years if I should get made redundant. Like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on hpc for their advise/opinions over the last 2 years.
  12. Well I thought it was interesting, at least in an anecdotal sort of way, so............................. SHAMELESS BUMP
  13. Hello again Not the most active thread on this site to be sure, but as promised here are the results of my record keeping Council tax (2001) Thats as far back as I can go £63 per month----------------------------2008, £122 per month Water rates (1998) £219pa -------------------------------------2008 £298pa Electic bill (04/1998) £45 (quartely)------------------------------2008 £115 (corresponding quarter) Gas (03-1998) £100.98 ------------------------------------2008 233.80 (corresponding quarter) Petrol (1998) 55-60p per litre ----------------------------2008, going up by the hour Dont know the price of diesel in 98, never used to use the stuff Food prices, I can't help there, always use cash at the supermarket But I can help with my salery, Basic £29,000 (02/2000) ------------------2008 basic £36,120 Hope this helps you guys Regards Rob
  14. Hi Sad man that I am, I keep a lot of my old bills/payslips, started keeping them when my marriage broke down to show my income/ expenditure. Will dig out what I have left when i get home tonight, and post them. For the statisians among you, I still live in the same house, and work for the same company (essentially in the same job), told you I was sad. Edit--- spelling
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