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  1. Yep. Failed the test. didn't bat an eyelid when the presenter called him a liar. Pretty smooth operator. What he would do is "loan" these guys the deposit for a property. The loan would be at 15% interest. The Property would be over valued (this was at the height of the boom so ppl were banking on capital gains) SO the ppl would own overpriced units with a large personal loan. The worst thing was that the banks were "reputable" people lost a lot of money. http://www.jenman.com.au/find/index.php?qu...aye&type=simple
  2. A guy in Australia did the same. His name is Henry Kaye. I am not sure if they sent him to prison but he lost all his money and took a lot of "investors" with him. Sneaky fellow. Even had the gall to go on telly and do a lie detector test. Boy did he fail His name is synomonous with crooked real estate.
  3. Sorry but I haven't quiet got the nack for using the quote thingy.... me better than them breaking into your house whilst your at work zzg113 Not really. They're stealing from you either way. my reply one way is more socially acceptable. me Would you have escaped the cycle if you lived in a cardboard box? zzg113 And this is supposed to mean what exactly Starting from an estate receiving assistance is somewhat easier than starting from having to beg for food and look for a safe place to sleep. Not saying that escaping from the cycle of "handouts" is easy. Not by a long shot. me A
  4. Dog Box "Its sad for kids of benefit junkies who themselves get handout dependant. " better than them breaking into your house whilst your at work "I grew up on a council estate and made the decision along with my 3 brothers to end the cycle." Congratulations. Just because you managed to do it doesn't mean that everyone can. Would you have escaped the cycle if you lived in a cardboard box? "Others with exactly the same life chances as me decided to lounge around on benefits and make claim after claim for trips on pavements." American Randy Barnes holds the record for longest men's shot
  5. Give 'em a plasma tv. That'll make them happy
  6. My arch nemisis Manfred von Richthofen suspended my account for a week for saying this but "who cares?". WHO gives a toss that half a million people live on the street as long as the rest of the country is making millions on their property ahh mein frauline don't suspend this account because it was said TOUNGE IN CHEEK :angry: Do some research before you burn the heretic :angry:
  7. You would have been in trouble either way. If he succeeded He would be laughing at you all the way to the bank. Seeing as you were right he will resent you as it is somehow your fault
  8. I like how the government steps in when the market turns "for the worse" instead of when prices were on the up and up. Sure it may have looked bad stopping people from making 20% on their house but it sure beats not being able to stop large percentage "corrections". Maybe if housing were in Iraq the government would have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it. GCS15
  9. That's gotta hurt in the morning. Nice to see that the person who placed the post did alright.
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