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  1. Narrative? There is no narrative. Most voters wanted Brexit and they still do. You come across as mentally ill. Using words like 'narrative' doesn't make you sound more intelligent, either. Try harder.
  2. While the UK's import/export balance is admittedly a problem (which Brexit looks to address if we manage to secure a decent free trade arrangement with the USA), the actual value of our exports is respectable - just slightly subpar when it comes to physical goods. Germany and the Netherlands have enviable export numbers, but the Nordic countries don't perform particularly well. What they do well is concentrating resources on quality of life improvements like segregated cycle networks etc. Actually making a decent life for their citizen, with less corruption at the local city/council level. I'm
  3. Good point and I'm not surprised. Anybody who knows Sweden would laugh at the suggestion that the regime in charge of things is 'right-wing.' This is a country where non-Europeans can rape and murder at will and probably receive a two-month community service order, if they are even caught. PC is even more rampant and extreme than it is in England. The confident private sector managerial types in Sweden seem confident, because they are galvanised by the knowledge that their own government views them as the enemy. It enhances their personal identity, that they are not one of the brainwashed cit
  4. Sweden has probably the worst political system in Europe and crime rates that make American cities look good.
  5. There's room for lots of trickery in those statistics. The eastern Europeans who come here, are of working age. A lot of English/Scottish people are under 16 or over 65.
  6. You clearly don't have a clue what the original poster was talking about. The superpower USA is the engine room through which individuals can empower themselves. There is an aspiration to freedom of speech and self-defence. It is a question of the individual versus the state. As the USA is turned into a fascist system, the world will most likely sink into a tyranny the likes of which we have never seen before. Any twit can say that Sweden is a better place to live than the USA. By the way, Swedes are stupid and cowardly and never fight against injustice.
  7. But they won't because they don't want to? It's not in their plan, remember?
  8. Don't you understand that a Briton can study aerospace design or nuclear physics and then grovel to French or German companies to take them on, only for the British taxpayer to receive no return? There are no 'useful' jobs in an intentionally de-industrialised backwater. Working is not the point of life, either.
  9. I was talking more about the streets, but fair enough. Not many would. I am just tired of the 'British are so...", the" English are lazy, ill-disciplined" etc etc. Just really grates after a while. I'm sure many people were out clearing their paths recently in Britain. Maybe some people just didn't bother because they didn't have time. And I'm sure Sky or the BBC ran an obligatory report on how wimpy English people are when it snows, and how we may as well all queue up to be euthanised so as not to be a burden on the state.
  10. The English have already paid council tax in order for somebody else to take care of the job, I understand. I think you'll also find that voting doesn't change anything, either. Not to mention, that people in Norway, Sweden, Iceland (insert 'perfect' country here) also moan about a lot of things. All the time, in fact. For example, the Swedes are pathological about voting for political parties that want to ethnically cleanse them in their own country. They also moan a lot about the weather, high taxes and almost anything and everything else you can think of. Anyway, thanks for another insi
  11. That's a myth. 'We' have technologists. The problem is they are working for foreign multinationals because of the pre-determined political plan that is globalisation. Also, even if some genius created a new 10 billion GBP industry, only 20% odd of that sum would be going to the Inland Revenue, which is nothing. This is all nonsense fed to us as a false intellectual debate. You should see from the above example how silly it is.
  12. I agree. Also there's a very important point that people like chica just don't get. Some of the most important innovations in nuclear, aerospace and other very high level and specialised industries were by English people, who were brought up and raised through a system that valued them and clearly recognised their future potential. Anybody at a senior level in these industries across Europe and other parts of the world, recognises the English contribution. Globalisation was pre-determined and the English have received a very bad deal at their end. That has nothing to do with anybody being 't
  13. I think the rise of nationalist organisations and mass emigration from Britain would suggest otherwise. But certainly, young people are quicker to recognise and keep away from backstabbers. In hard times, nobody wants to hang around with wrist-slitters. I'm guessing it will involve some level of violence, civil unrest or worse, but people just don't want to accept it.
  14. It's all in housing, please just accept this. We could build on more land in the UK and bring family homes down to the 80k GBP level. No need to go around oppressing productive people because they had the nerve to actually create something that people want.
  15. We've been living in societies where clever manipulators encourage the masses to live in ignorance so that they can skim a profit off the top. The problem is that most people want to be lied to, and to live their life based on lies. They like stories. They like romance and living in a fantasy land. The truth is, that life is mostly boring and meaningless. They want an escape from that. When it's taken away from them, they are more likely to attack the messenger, or the people they hated since childhood, than to implement an alternative. This is why I think we are headed for a high tech commu
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