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  1. Once the again HPC's finest are on parade, e.g.: Could I suggest showing a little bit of respect, while the authorities investigate this tragedy?
  2. Wow, if you type 55378008 into a calculator, and then turn it upside down, it spells BOOBLESS.
  3. Maybe an expert could help us out (?).
  4. Or, how about this? £25,000 cash back on a £300,000 house. linky Why, for the love of Sir Stephen Fry, is this not just on for £275,000? What kind of accounting gymnastics are going on?
  5. That's right, nearly 0.1% CASH BACK, that should do the trick. Please form an orderly queue. linky Better still: So you can make sure that it is a good one; say a Yale, presumably.
  6. Headmaster's report. Young Ellis is making some progress, but really should learn about punctuation. Using a grocer's apostrophe is unfortunate in a national press-release. He should also apply himself in economics classes and not compare prices like-for-like without including the effect of inflation. C-, try again, harder, next month.
  7. If it continues then a the average house will be worth £1 in june 2058.
  8. MIRAS! Mortgage interest relief at source. 27% off the interest payments on the first 30k of yer mortgage. Back then 30k was a nice slice of the average house price (which was about 55k) and probably most of a FTB price. Anyway, 15% became about 11%. And a more typical figure for the period, say 12%, became about 8.8%. Mortgage rates today are about 6.5 to 7%. So, WFT is this loonie talking about?
  9. Makes Bradford and Bingley look like they're not really trying at only 93.9 down from peak. Are there any other recent members of the 99% club? Even Taylor Wimpey can only muster a 95.17 percenter from peak.
  10. Paragon shares have now fallen more than 99% inside 12 months (5,010 to 50p) and 99.34% from peak. Still, rents are increasing by 30%, according to a survey from, er, Paragon[e]. So their BTL lending looks secure. linky
  11. I'm a share-holder in Halifax and will sue anybody who says that Halifax are in financial difficulty.
  12. Sorry to jump in on your thread, but how about this for refurbishment? According to Property Bee (which, of course, is not infallible), they turned a 2 bedroomed house into a 3 bedroomed bungalow. History 9th Jun 2008 * Subtitle changed: from '2 bedroom house' to '3 bedroom bungalow' linky Still, at 2 million pictures of the Queen, you expect something special, and I'm sure that Doctor Who could explain how it's done.
  13. I thought Anthea was a television presenter.
  14. Go easy on him. This time last year I was predicting that Southampton would win the FA Cup.
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