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  1. We are looking to spend around £1-£1.25m. We are focusing on the better areas and ones that are very commutable. Had a look at the weekend and our choices seem limited. We are considering hanging on for a while until the effect of interest rate rises hits a bit.
  2. My wife and I have just sold our 2 bed maisonette in Putney and are considering a move down the A3 to Esher/Weybridge/usual suspects This week I rang several EAs in Esher, several of whom talked the market but 2 who were honest and said that the market was slowing and set to get worse towards the festive period. Clearly if this is true then we should rent and wait for 5-6 months before buying, being an opportunist! Anyone have an opinion on this? I think this is a very different market from the one in London at the moment? Opinions appreciated
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