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  1. I think the thing to remember that this is a colabaration with the local police. Could the bank refuse to give you your money and refer the request to the police under the pretext that fraud was being committed because they didn't like the answers you gave to their questions??
  2. "Cashiers will have a set number of questions to ask anyone withdrawing large amounts of cash " What's a large amount £500, £2000, £10000 .........................
  3. Unbeliviable article in local rag. Bank cashiers to ask why do you want your money under the guisse of fraud safety. Coming to a town near you soon.
  4. Congrats RB !!!! Buying a house as a home if you can afford it, nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your new home Always enjoy your posts, Dont always agree with them but that is what forms healthy debate.
  5. Global stocks slid the most in three months and the euro weakened as U.S. jobless claims rose and European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said the debt crisis threatens banks. Oil slid as the International Energy Agency planned to release emergency stockpiles. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-23/dollar-gains-as-asia-stocks-commodities-slide-after-fed-cuts-u-s-outlook.html
  6. Talking about it on LBC radio now James Whale drive time
  7. Exactly my first thought on this story. I think they are trying to cover up the comming crash. I was listening to James Max discussing this on LBC Drive on Tuesday. Not one caller mentioned that the pulling down of boards would coinside with a influx of properties on the market. just lots of talk that boards are no longer needed as all buyers now use the internet, the boards are just a blight on the landscape.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11288763 House prices: Surveyors expect property values to fall A bigger proportion of surveyors are expecting house prices to fall in the coming months than at any time since March last year. Some 38% more of those asked, in the survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), expected prices to fall rather than rise in the next three months. They said that property values fell for the second consecutive month in August. Scotland was the only part of the UK to buck the downward trend in prices. The Rics survey has a relatively small sample size of 259 professionals, but has mirrored many of the other polls on house prices. They said that the drop in prices was the result of a combination of more sellers returning to the market but less interest from buyers. "The latest set of results suggest prices in many parts of the country may be slipping but this does appear to be encouraging hopes amongst surveyors that sales levels could begin to pick up as a result," said Rics spokesman Jeremy Leaf. "Looking forward, our price indicators are telling a mixed story which is consistent with the uncertainty hanging over the economy, the low level of interest rates and the lack of new house building."
  9. + 1 This has happened to us so many times. Big group meals for birthdays / Christmas / leaving dos / engagements whatever. Dinner conversation usually revolves around how we went first class to Dubai / Bahamas / Bardados etc or that we have upgraded our car to the new shape flash wagon with all the extras but then these same people will b*tch and moan about their share of a bill, right down to the price of starters and whether or not they had a popadom from the group plate. I find it hilarious, these people have no money that doesn't revolve around credit. Also to add to this, none of them have basic mental arithmetic skills. its always a rumage around to get the iphone out to add £4.99 starter, £11.99 main course and a £3.40 beer, then they all come up with different figures
  10. Actually it wasnt really :-) Sorry if anyone wasted their time. No mention of the housing market ( most weeks one of the Savills lot are in the office taking questions, which can be very interesting ) Todays show was only about starting up new business and the importance of the internet Apparently its a good idea to have a website, advertise via google and use social networking sites like Facebook................. No Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  11. James Max talking about property in the second hour of his show starting a 6pm, always worth a listen Hes talking about burgers and unhealthy food at mo
  12. It looks to be just a standard ISP NOC / SYSadmin role. Go and work in a ISP and your skill set will soon go sky high. They are probably looking for someone that has a good understanding of most things but also can go off to google / books and work it out for themselves. You probably are underestimating your own skill set. If you sit down and think about what you do actually know, you might surprise yourself.
  13. STR = Sell to rent DYOR = do your own research google propertybee, its a plugin to show rightmove database changes
  14. Welcome If you can walk away from the sale with £600k, why not just buy a smaller house with the £600k ?????? Debt free living is priceless, especially in these uncertain times. Now is the time to pay down debt, not take more on. If your personal circumstances improve over the next 5 years or the economy improves ( which aint going to happen ), then you can rebuy then with all the money you saved from not paying a mortagage + interest.
  15. Difficult............Yes, very and it will get messy, but there is no alternative. Either the public liabilties decreeses or the UK bond market collapses. This thread reminds me of the early days of HPC, with Bulls and Bears fighting it out. High house prices where not sustainable nor are historically high public liabilities. If you are 50+, you may get through with the skin of your teeth. If you are in your forties or younger, for christ sakes start making some other provissions because the money isnt there. You have plenty of time to build up a nice pension pot, you already have a head start with what other Public Sector pension does exist at the time.
  16. Thats what the miners and printers thought. The establishment will win and the unions will get crushed, the decission have already been made whilist the populas where busy watching X factor.
  17. Dont local goverment workers pay up to 7.2% of their salary towards existing pensionable members pensions ??? This is the problem, there isnt a individual pension pot building up. Also if you pay in 7.2% in, how are you expected to get 50% of salary out ???
  18. + 1 I am sure this will be the plan. Its been tried and tested in the past and works very well. As I said earlier in the post, PSW I know that book strike days as holiday so that they get paid, when I ask them what the strike is about, they usually dont know and just say its " somtin to do with the unions " Lambs to the slaughter springs to mind. Im sure top union bosses will be making deals for themselves, whilist allowing there memebers to sink into the economic mess. Thats how the world works. If you are a PSW dont waste time and energy fighting what will come to pass, but commit your energies into finding alternatives to your finanicial wellbeing.
  19. +1 The public servants that I know are all mortgaged up to the hilt, holiday homes, golf club memberships, drive around in new cars. Over the last few years thay have booked strike days off as holiday, that way they still get paid, I kid you not !!!!!!!!!!!! Strikes will start with short weeks ( yehhhh, extra long weekends !!!!! ), then it progresses to all out strike action with no wages being paid in. How long will most council workers be prepared to strike for when there is no money coming in to pay the £1000+ a month mortgage and the family it threatened with loosing there home ???? It’s a case of “ Roll over and take it or die trying “ Articles like the one in the times are printed to soften up the the Unions. Anyone with half a brain knows that the decision has already been made. There is no money in the pot to pay out the pension liabilities. The unions will call strikes but ultimately it will fail. Lets just hope X Factor is good this year to keep the majority from finding out.
  20. People where not dependent on electricity then back in the 70's ????? Do you remember the power cuts and the schools being closed due to no heating in the winter ??? More people unemployed = more people at home to look after little timmy.
  21. Striking didn't work out well for the coal miners and printers back in the day. The establishment will win in the end. But it will be very messy getting there.
  22. I went through the lease extension process last year ( as I had to sell a flat and it only had 69 years, left on the lease ) It can be a very drawn out process, but should be completed within a year. These guys explain it step by step. http://www.lease-advice.org/ Basically you serve the Landlord with a notice, he come back to you with a offer within 3 months, you then haggle over price for a while, if you cant come to a agreement within 6 months ( I think ), you apply to go to a tribunal, at this point 80% of cases are agreed between the parties. If not you provide all papers and agurements to the tribunal and then they make a decession. You may have to play hardball with the landlord. The calculator on the website gives a good indication of cost, but there can be a whole heap of factors apart from yield and marriage value, like are you the first flat in the block. Any questions just let us know.
  23. http://www.mortgageintroducer.com/mortgage...ptable_risk.htm FSA fines director for unacceptable risk 25 August, 2009 The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined Christopher Davies, director of Newquay Investment Services (2004) Limited, an IFA based in Cornwall, £17,500 for not disclosing to the FSA information about an adviser he'd employed. This led to an unacceptable risk of customers being recommended unsuitable mortgages. After Newquay had applied to the FSA last year for the adviser to be confirmed as an approved person, Davies became aware that the adviser’s previous employer had suspended the adviser because of concerns about his business methods and ethics including apparently inflating income figures in mortgage applications. Davies raised these concerns with the adviser and concluded that the adviser had lied to him about why he had left his previous employment. Davies then failed to disclose this significantly adverse information to the FSA. Despite being aware of the concerns of the adviser’s previous employer and of the adviser misleading him on these matters Davies failed to: exercise appropriate control over mortgage applications submitted by the adviser; consider whether it was appropriate, in light of indications that the adviser was not fit and proper, to allow him to continue giving advice on life and other products; and understand the risks associated with ‘fast track’ mortgages and as a result allowed the adviser to submit mortgages of this type to lenders. Margaret Cole, FSA director of enforcement at the FSA, said: "Davies’ failures exposed Newquay’s customers to an unacceptable risk of being recommended mortgages which may not have been suitable for them and exposed lenders to the risk of offering mortgages on the basis of false or misleading information passed through Newquay. "When Davies became aware of the later adverse information relating to the adviser he should have immediately informed the FSA. The fine indicates that the FSA takes a serious view of such failings and serves as a deterrent to directors of regulated firms from acting in a similar way." Davies agreed to settle at an early stage of the FSA's investigation and therefore qualified for a 30% discount under the FSA’s executive settlement procedures. Had Davies not settled at this stage the FSA would have imposed a financial penalty of £25,000.
  24. What the F**k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many people listening to this show in London and one of the " property experts ", sister in law happens to get on the phone in to ask about corp lets.
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