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  1. This longish article by Jeff Booth deals with this and how it has the potential to become a global reserve currency and peacefully supersedes the previous model. https://medium.com/the-bitcoin-times/the-greatest-game-b787ac3242b2
  2. what you seem to ignore is the btc 4 year cycle, this may help you. of course you could be right but on the other hand... Compare where we are in the current cycle to previous cycles.
  3. @Buffer Bear you might be interested in watching this where Saylor's 'all models are irrelevant' rhetoric is challenged and refuted. I've been following this guy Jordan for a while and have to say he covers the markets very well and does not just use TA, currently he's focused on btc as he says in the current bull market 'it's the only trade that matters'. He does daily live sessions so I've started the vid at the apporpriate time
  4. @jiltedjen how have you set up the autobuy, what platform? fwiw, you did the right thing in your circumstances , congrats on your profits.
  5. @Buffer Bear was it this interview? parts 1 &2 very interesting, quite the intellectual gap between him and the interviewer. Uber bullish, says nah to all the models and bitcoin halving cycles, will he be right?
  6. Sounds silly as I've been hodling for 7 years but even selling at 100k seems cheap, as if I'm giving it away, lol I've channelled a boomer btler's soul!
  7. that happened quickly, charts weren't forecasting that lol
  8. haha didn't @markyh create this basket on this thread previously - Microstrategy,Square,Paypal etc
  9. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/third-bitcoin-etf-expected-launch-145535476.html
  10. how old are your kids, do they know you have crypto holdings? Here's some ideas, not sure they're optimum though https://taylorwalton.com/insights/articles/crypto-currency-succession-planning
  11. because you have no way of knowing for certain what the best time is. Out of interest what do your charts now indicate for btc price action? have you missed your buying opportunity?
  12. not that obvious as you didn't buy,sorry. Again why didn't you dca?
  13. lol cos you talked about citadels and how no coiners' kids will be serving your kids!
  14. is it the 20k thread? There's about 3 btc threads running there, I only visit the deflation thread as excellent info is posted.
  15. has anyone used the Royal Mint digigold account? https://www.royalmint.com/digital-investments/digigold/
  16. Good for a laugh, can you detect the fear; has the gall to talk about ethics whilst backing bankster issued fiat. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-could-prevent-society-from-functioning-and-is-an-extreme-form-of-libertarian-anarchism-warns-this-fund-manager-11614937228?mod=home-page
  17. in the last bullrun of 2017 we had 5 major pullbacks before we hit ATH, so far we've had two in this cycle and interestingly dates coincide (late Jan 2017, late Jan 2021 and late Feb 2017, late Feb 2021), if the pattern holds then next leg up will be Mar end-June.
  18. similarish to what this already billionaire wants to do when it hits $150k
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