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  1. GMAC have now also introduced an 89%ltv BTL mortgage.
  2. My prediction is that you'll see a form of civil war in the USA which will eventually lead to its break up. This isn't as far fetched as you may think, considering the tremendous economic problems that will face USA in the next few years as they lose their position as sole superpower.
  3. Hmm, seems like you're the one with the chip on his shoulder, constantly moaning about how hard done by you are because of immigrants. I haven't complained anywhere on this board. But I would agree with you this country's going down the pan. Heck, I'm thinking of emigrating as well; actually I know many second generation immigrants born in this country, mostly Asians but also Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots who've gone to Canada,USA,Australia permanently or semi-permanently.
  4. I am a second generation 'immigrant' , my parents came here in the 60s, am I still classified as an immigrant? I find it very amusing that alot of people moan and complain about immigration yet they plan to leave this country and become immigrants themselves.
  5. Somehow get a second passport so you'll be able to escape to somewhere else!
  6. About the same 30-35%. If this happens and I do buy then I won't be too concerned if prices fall even further because I plan to stay there for a few years and I will have taken out a 50%ltv mortgage.
  7. Bit ironic since Allders took over the old C&A store in Marble Arch. They also went bust, didn't they? I remember the Portsmouth Allders as well from my student days.Also nearly got a job a their flagship Croydon store many years ago.
  8. How pathetic! In the 60s and 70s many doctors were recruited from both India and Pakistan to prop up the NHS. They weere activley encouraged to do so as the medical training in these countries was based on the British model. All the road sweepers around my area are immigrants, South American and North African origins.
  9. I live in Kentish Town, yes parts of it are a dump but it is quite central and also is near Highgate and Hampstead and therefore acts as an overspill for those areas. It is certainly more desirable than Highbury which really is a dump even though EAs try to brand it as part of Islington. Anyway my point is that no way can you command a rent of £1000pcm for a 1 bed flat around here, more likely to be 650-800 and to achieve the top end the place would have to be immaculate.
  10. Yu can't have been a lad too long ago if your FTB property was a £100k flat in Palmers Green!
  11. Just saw Newsnight and they showed tomorrow's (Saturday) frontpage headline: "First time buyers priced out of almost every town" Looks like the media may be turning...
  12. I have heard Panama is a good investment, an established offshore centre,stable economy with good infrastructure. Many Americans are looking to retire there. Also a bit riskier but worth a look is Costa Rica.
  13. I've just read in the Evening Standard that the FSA have published its annual Financial Risk Outlook today in which it surveys the financial scene and lists areas where it thinks there are risks which may cause concerns in the year ahead. It includes some 'what if' modelling to see the results if interest rates soared, the dollar collapses or house prices drop by 30%. I know it's only 'what if' econometric modelling but surely if it's the FSA it must mean something.
  14. Well they said it would be deductible from the first month's rent but i was wondering what if i change my mind or my references don't come thorugh, is the normal procedure to refund the money?
  15. Sorry I'm new to renting, have only shared as a lodger before, so need to know where I stand with regards to holding deposit. The letting agent says I need to put down 2 weeks rent as holding deposit if I want the flat. Is this refundable if i change my mind? If I don't get satisfactory references can I get the money back?
  16. As far as I can see they're only a mortgage brokerage, they are not the lender.
  17. The site has been suspended because of you lot trying to download data :angry:
  18. http://www.streetwisepublications.co.uk/fo....asp?FORUM_ID=1 For property investors and developers.
  19. Sorry to say this, but never underestimate the stupidity of people especially as most ,including so called finance experts, are woefully financially illiterate.
  20. I thought it as the case as well with some auction houses: many lots being unsold and those that were selling going for far less.However, looking at the recent FPD Savills and Allsop auctions I can see people are still paying ridiculous amounts for rubbish property.
  21. My parents bought a 3 storey end of terrace with cellar and garden in 1970 in Manchester for about £1k I think, no mortgage. My dad came to this country in the early 60s flogged his guts out doing the jobs the natives didin't want to do, scrimped & saved to start his own business in 1968.
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