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  1. This made me laugh at the absurdity of it all. https://www.efinancialcareers.com/news/2021/05/goldman-sachs-london-md-dogecoin
  2. maybe, but looks like it's similar to localbitcoins. A P2P platform using escrow and you can use cash & meet in prson which you can't do with Lb anymore.
  3. Amazing how cycles repeat, last bull run you can see ETH (orange line)making a massive move against BTC at roughly the same stage we are at now (Blue & Red lines). ETH yet to break ATH against BTC which it may well do then it will crash against BTC. So in this bull run this next week or so could be Alt Peak 1 before BTC does its thing and then we have another Alt peak later in the cycle.
  4. agree with that, some say US govt/fed trying to engineer the crypto top with stock market top for around Sep before markets start crashing in Q4.
  5. He lives in Finsbury Park, I know exactly where as I used to live near there. It's a road off Seven Sisters Rd near Sobell Leisure Centre.
  6. Accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young creating FUD yesterday https://londonlovesbusiness.com/hmrc-to-demand-crypto-holdings-data-from-taxpayers-under-investigation/ Obviously Jones is talking through his backside when talking about crime proceeds through Bitcoin as he doesn't understand blockchain. Funny thing is HMRC have come out today to dispel UHY's scaremongering https://www.cityam.com/hmrc-were-not-clamping-down-on-crypto/
  7. BSV, BCH ABC, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, any others?
  8. Tesla probably needs the cashflow that's why they're taking profits unlike MSTR who gave a healthy FCF. This is one of the reasons I don't buy the supercycle theory, institutions & companies will need to fund their ops via btc profits and also will have requirement to periodically rebalance their portfolio.
  9. Right on schedule, dip mirrors first & second cycles, before the parabolic melt your face off move up.
  10. @Buffer Bear if you remember a few weeks ago the debate between Mike Green & Pomp there was a question Pomp couldn't answer re 51% attack & mining empty blocks by a non economic bad actor (basically he meant China), well here's the answer from aap.
  11. Also WeWork accepting crypto and adding btc to what's left of their balance sheet.
  12. is this the source of the rumour? geez $3m! https://coingeek.com/us-treasury-sanctions-32-russian-entities-over-alleged-digital-currency-related-election-interfering/
  13. crypto.com or binance.com debit card? or cryptopay.me or look here https://bitcourier.co.uk/blog/bitcoin-debit-cards-uk
  14. more FUD, Turkey aren't banning it, read the article properly.
  15. Should've known as it's a US ETF it won't be available on UK platforms as they don't provide the KID! Damn.
  16. The full list of holdings: SQ US Square Inc BBG0018SLC07 568 Stock 146,771 8.87 GLXY CN Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd BBG000BL1PC0 5,038 Stock 142,445 8.61 MARA US Marathon Digital Holdings Inc BBG001K7WBT8 2,736 Stock 117,566 7.11 VYGR CN Voyager Digital Ltd BBG000BTQTY4 5,298 Stock 117,217 7.09 SI US Silvergate Capital Corp BBG00MMM95S7 790 Stock 111,643 6.75 RIOT US Riot Blockchain Inc BBG000BQ4512 1,992 Stock 99,919 6.04 NVDA US Nvidia Corp BBG000BBJQV0 146 Stock 89,218 5.39 NB2 GR Northern Data Ag BBG008FDD379 624 Stock 87,451 5.29 MSTR US Microstrategy Inc BBG000GQJPZ0 116 Stock 85,318 5.16 PYPL US Paypal Holdings Inc BBG0077VNXV6 298 Stock 79,629 4.81 TSM US Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co L BBG000BD8ZK0 636 Stock 76,854 4.65 HIVE CN Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd BBG000HSPX81 18,146 Stock 62,957 3.81 CAN US Canaan Inc BBG00QQ10GB3 4,596 Stock 62,368 3.77 ARB LN Argo Blockchain Plc BBG00L4G09H5 18,738 Stock 51,259 3.10 EBON US Ebang International Holdings Inc BBG00TGMG413 10,406 Stock 48,596 2.94 BTBT US Bit Digital Inc BBG00JM2HVP5 3,302 Stock 47,054 2.84 HUT CN Hut 8 Mining Corp BBG00390LHM8 6,588 Stock 43,139 2.61 BITF CN Bitfarms Ltd/Canada BBG00PGMZVL8 7,962 Stock 34,863 2.11 863 HK Bc Technology Group Ltd BBG002WJ3406 13,000 Stock 30,483 1.84 BIGG CN Bigg Digital Assets Inc BBG0074JV192 10,810 Stock 29,400 1.78 1611 HK Huobi Technology Holdings Ltd BBG00F8149K9 8,000 Stock 27,675 1.67 EQOS US Diginex Ltd BBG00QZ8KHD2 2,898 Stock 26,778 1.62 DMGI CN Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc BBG0033445R6 9,670 Stock 13,883 0.84 FTFT US Future Fintech Group Inc BBG000F57BQ1 3,294 Stock 13,802 0.83 ADE GR Bitcoin Group Se BBG004MP4382 112
  17. This is an interesting ETF launched a couple of days ago, no Coinbase in it but I would expect that to be added at some point. Hopefully, it's available on UK ISA & SIPP platforms https://www.vaneck.com/us/en/investments/digital-transformation-etf-dapp/ Top 10 Holdings (%) as of 04/13/21Daily Holdings Total Holdings: 25 Holding Name Ticker Shares Market Value (US$) % of Net Assets GALAXY DIGITAL HOLDINGS LTD GLXY CN 5,038 171,084 9.47 SQUARE INC SQ US 568 155,195 8.60 MARATHON DIGITAL HOLDINGS INC MARA US 2,736 139,536 7.73 SILVERGATE CAPITAL CORP SI US 790 131,527 7.28 RIOT BLOCKCHAIN INC RIOT US 1,992 118,046 6.54 VOYAGER DIGITAL LTD VYGR CN 5,298 107,534 5.96 MICROSTRATEGY INC MSTR US 116 98,431 5.45 NVIDIA CORP NVDA US 146 91,568 5.07 NORTHERN DATA AG NB2 GR 624 86,099 4.77 PAYPAL HOLDINGS INC PYPL US 298 82,078 4.55 Top 10 Total (%) 65.42 These are not recommendations to buy or to sell any security. Securities and holdings may vary.
  18. Perhaps they should start with a proper functioning Customer Services Dept.
  19. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2021/04/13/janet-yellen-bitcoin-and-crypto-fearmongers-get-pushback-from-former-cia-director/
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