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  1. @jiltedjen you may be right, i honestly don't know, in any case i keep hodling. Various on chain analysts seem to think bull run is far from over
  2. we shall see, many are saying it's a mid cycle bull run dip as opposed to a full bear maket as the top was expected Aug-Oct if the 4yr cycle has not broken.
  3. @Buffer Bear I know you're a big fan of Saylor but this guy isn't, interesting what he has to say about him.
  4. In the long run that's good as both the China & coal mining FUD can be laid to rest.
  5. This made me laugh, an MP shilling his ETH bags in Parliament.
  6. @jiltedjen if this was the end of this bull run and we're now in a bear market then I would say the model is broken so not sure how you can then predict using the 4 yr cycle. It was a laclustre bull run without the parabolic blow off top phase. I am a hodlr not a trader but I used the halving tracker to guide me when to sell as I'm finally looking to realize some profits.
  7. In hindsight this guy nailed it a month ago, textbook institutional manipulation with Wyckoff distribution. His vid is from Apr
  8. yes quite, let's see what happens. Walmart Q1 results are reported on Tues, will see if rumours of them adding btc to their balance sheet are true, if so could change everything.
  9. Most traders were expecting a dip, historically 30% dips in previous bull runs, even before Musk's tweet; could go as low as $42k and still be in a secular bull market.
  10. latest FUD, you'd think it was all coordinated but then:
  11. need to change my sleeping hours, I always miss the action and dip!
  12. whenever there's a dip you apear, why? Can you do an updated one with today's price?
  13. This made me laugh at the absurdity of it all. https://www.efinancialcareers.com/news/2021/05/goldman-sachs-london-md-dogecoin
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