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  1. 9 hours ago, spyguy said:

    Wrong city.

    With Covid around, are London office viable?

    Mass transit i.e .tube is now a bit of a no-no for a few years.



    obviously you haven't been on the tube last couple of weeks, packed at rush hour period again, not at pre-covid levels admittedly, but approx 80%

  2. 11 hours ago, Buffer Bear said:

    Seemed to treat Musk with kid gloves.  Does he really not understand BTC or is he keeping his powder dry as he has plans for Dogecoin?

    true, tbh it was quite underwhelming from all of them and  Musk obviously still doesn't understand block sizes, his inadvertently meaningful comments were really about the ECB's monetary policy & how btc fixes this.

  3. 48 minutes ago, warpig said:

    I meant it's bitcoin's decisive moment... it has to break up or down at this point - do or die! it won't wait past 18th (maybe 19th depending on 50dma)... the ascending triange has confirmed the timing of the death cross, so it looks like down to $20K. I want to get back in at that price... but it probably won't stay there for long... might need a buy order to catch it... but the BIGGEST question on my mind at the moment is - is the cycle over? The stock to flow model (to me) says maybe... I could do with something more definitive... and no one seems sure.

    Plan B says no, who knows?


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