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  1. Let's see what happens, if true and it passes then this is huge
  2. I would recommend this guy Ken Standfield, experienced trader who now specialises in crypto https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoTradingKS/videos
  3. Isn't this what @jiltedjen forecast more or less? So he was right after all..
  4. well that's what he says if you believe him, wil lchange his mind again. He's one of the biggest bs merchants in the space.
  5. ok 21/12/2021 🧐 or other models say well into Q2 2022, lol
  6. Please all stay humble as we moon! The models I follow show a projection well above $120k this cycle peak.
  7. has anyone used Sovryn and if so how was it? https://www.sovryn.app/ The co founder Edan Yago is quite prominent in various btc communities etc
  8. obviously you haven't been on the tube last couple of weeks, packed at rush hour period again, not at pre-covid levels admittedly, but approx 80%
  9. anyone got any litecoin? I have a little, it just pumped about 30% due to a partnership with Wal-Mart. edit: lol but looks like it may be fake news
  10. coordinated attack by IMF & central banksters shorting trying to teach El Salvador a lesson?
  11. a friend of a friend is mining this, apparently made a small fortune but I have no knowledge & insight into this project.
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