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  1. So im not up on us immigration at the mo. Will ESTA allow unlimited travel into the states for up to 2 years? I guess as long as you dont become defacto resident. I guess thats the key difference here? cheers
  2. Misdiagnosis is fatal. A patient is described over the phone as very weak, unable to walk, unable to do any work and at deaths door. Must be highly malnourished so lets give him loads of calories. Unfortunately they didnt see the patient who was 35 stone, and what was required was a balanced restricted diet and exercise. The 'medicine' makes him feel good, but its killing him even faster. So does QE and money printing. It fans the inflation flames which robs purchasing power and confidence in the system and in money, forcing people to take positions (like in gold) they would otherwise not tak
  3. And if during a conflict the yanks gave any support to Argentina even political, then we would have to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately as the home territory was under threat. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Obama/Clinton.
  4. IMO if you have a cavity thats the big advancement. That thermal brake will cut down where most (40%) of heat is lost. I would imagine everything else can be retrofitted to yoru 70s house - eg insulation, double glazing, and efficient boiler. The cavity wall is kinda hard to retrofit. The other thing is floor insulation. New builds have much more of that.
  5. Every house will find its price based on location and cost of ownership. I live in a rural location in a stone built house, and to heat this house with oil would pretty much break you(i use alot of solid fuel). I even mused that on a ROI basis, it may be better to knock and rebuild. I believe rural houses will fall back hard due to this and the need for car for everything. People will move back into urban areas, firming prices there. But overall high heating costs bode ill for the housing market, because people who can share, or rent a room out will leading to more empties and downward pressur
  6. quote name='Formerly Unemployed Youth' timestamp='1315238829' post='3107898'] No mate, all my quotes are ridiculous. Combination of age, sex and area. I think they cant do it on sex any more based on some eu ruling. I remember Sheilas wheels saying they do take on men, but went on to say men dont go after their fluffy image. That made me think they are trying to make it fluffy to keep men away, but have to offer the same quote. I did try sheilas wheels, but then dont cover N.Ireland. Must be age and area. Anyway maye worth trying sheilas wheels.
  7. Insurance for you is 5k on a polo? Your kidding right? Im sure that was the highest quote, but there must have been lower. I get quotes of 2k but disregard them. Usually getting it for around 300 in the end. its just crazing s/w doing something stupid, or the insurer doesnt want any more of that profile in their mix.
  8. The older 5 series especially pre E60 are the best bmws ever built. In fact I would recommend to keep any car of that erra up to say 03-04 when they started putting in DPFs and such crap. The cars built now are much poorer in build quality and are too complicated. Anyone who thinks a car built now will last 15 years and do 200k miles with minimal cost is dreaming. My 02 530d goes like stink, does 45 to the gallon combined and has cost me almost nothing in the 6 years of ownership. In fact i think those old bmw diesels are getting dearer, cos punters realise how good they are compared to the mo
  9. I opt to have my finds come in as cash only. I then in my own good time switch them into funds. Generally try to wait for some bad news before i move a chunk. Im sure thers fees to that approach, but i feel in more control. So get a chunk of 10k cash then move it to where you want it. Im thinking of moving my stakeholder to a SIPP though. I think theres more trackability, and control. I was told my order execution on aegon was at least 24 hours. Kind of hard to time with those lags.
  10. Theres a massive amount of scamming, fraud and black economy in NI. I see it everywhere, from housewives driving X5s on business leases, to doing cash jobs, to misapproriating grants, to not declaring rental income. And thats just my neighbours. That scews things quite a bit IMO. Theres lots of people on big money. I heard just the other day of a woman that had spent 4grand on curtains for a room.
  11. everyday i hear stories of people doing what they can to avoid these rising costs or getting new income. Ive heard of scams to smuggle cigarettes, to claiming from old employers on old injuries to collecting firewood like an obsession. The struggle can be seen everywhere.
  12. They will consider it an act of terrorism, and take out S&P with special forces.
  13. Khards, Im not some northern nutter thats downing the south of ireland for personal reasons. I have good experience on this subject. I grew up in northern ireland, and then lived in england for about 5 years, along with my wife, whos from near carlow. We visit her family there quite alot. I even lived in dublin for a couple of years. I tell you this, you will be much worse off in ireland financially. Do you really think there will be broadband there? If so how good will it be. Im sitting here in NI on BT business broadband, and infinity is in this area. I can feel the difference of it. I work
  14. Are you moving to that part of Ireland for any reason other than mega cheap property? Have you spent time there? How much are you looking to spend? Remember there is plenty of ghost estates around there and mega cheap property. But for a reason. Also remember your sterling has depreciated 30% against euro and that will take the wind out of your sales re purchase. Honestly you would be better looking in the north. There are lots of detached houses with land in the country with good broadband. I live in the country in county antrim. I can be in belfast in 30 minutes, the beautiful north coast in
  15. Well theres not much to it. You go down to the tax office and get yourself a PRSI number which is the NI equivalent. Then you just get a big tub of vaseline and prepare to take it up the ass. Seriously. Some examples: 1. Cars. Not only are the expensive to buy, the annual road tax on the wrong car can be massive. up to 2k per year. check here http://www.irishlinks.co.uk/car-tax-ireland.htm 2. You got kids going to school? Well each child from primary school needs to buy their workbooks. every year. Costing 200-300 per year per child. http://www.examiner.ie/ireland/parents-seek-schools-he
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