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  1. Someone please give me some pointers are how to find decent property in london, because I have no idea What should I be looking for - more than 10 years old, old style windows, straw roof - what?
  2. Well anyway, by the end of the month I reckon it will be down another 100k.
  3. Its okay for that area I think, the rest look like ex-council round there.
  4. date event 2nd Jun 2008 15:14:55 * Railway Stations found: Mill Hill Broadway: 1.0 miles, Edgware: 1.4 miles, Burnt Oak: 1.8 miles 22nd May 2008 22:49:02 * Price changed: from 'Guide Price £725,000' to 'Offers in Excess of £650,000' 9th May 2008 08:08:54 * Price changed: from 'Guide Price £789,999' to 'Guide Price £725,000' * Brief Description changed: A newly constructed 4 bedroom 2 bathroom detached family home ideally located for Mill Hills schools and excellent transport links. PLEASE CONTACT STATONS NEW HOMES SHOWCASE ON 020 8441 9555 FOR FURTHER DETAILS. 7th May 2008 08:38:19 * Agents Address found: 28-30 Totteridge Lane, London, N20 9QJ * Detailed Description found: A newly constructed 4 bedroom 2 bathroom detached family home ideally located for Mill Hills schools and excellent transport links. The accomodation comprises of a Lounge, Dining Room and fully fitted... 7th May 2008 08:38:06 * Price found: Guide Price £789,999 * Title found: 30 Hankins Lane, London, NW7 * Subtitle found: 4 bedroom detached * Brief Description found: A newly constructed 4 bedroom 2 bathroom detached family home ideally located for Mill Hills schools and excellent transport links. PLEASE CONTACT STATONS NEW HOMES SHOWCASE ON 020 8441 9555 FOR FURTH... * Agent found: Statons * Agents Location found: Totteridge * Agents Telephone found: 08452491418 * Status found: New home
  5. Those things happened over a span of 6 years, I had a lot of luck elsewhere with regular clubbing, a decent wage and good eating & drinking.
  6. Look at this lovely place, down nearly 150k since last month and I'm sure it started a year ago at around the 950k mark: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-183...=2&tr_t=buy Close to the grant maintained mill hill county high school that supposedly get excellent exam results each year.
  7. I agree only buy if there's a tube station nearby, the closer the better i.e. walking distance. Thats what I'm looking for anyway, just being able to hop on a tube and go anywhere in london is huge plus point specially when buses are so damn slow to get anywhere.
  8. Well I rent in the new build area of hatfield and I find it to be a peaceful place, I haven't experienced any crimes against me or any problems. Luckily all the low lifes are up past the asda area. In contrast where I used to live in London my ex was mugged, my car was vandalised 3 times, my rented garage was broken into 4 times, my rented garage was vandalised, I was harrassed by police, builders also caused damage to my car, the bloke in the flat above left his bath overflowing whilst I was out and completely flooded my flat, I had two bikes stolen both had £30 locks on, the buses and tube were so damn unreliable, a gas leak outside my flat nearly killed me, the noise pollution was excessive from the cars/trains going by at night and the people over road would play music after 2am, I received 17 parking tickets, 1 NIP for dangerous driving that was not me and the list goes on. The only reason I want to move back to London is to be closer to work.
  9. Jesus people spending like this are messing it up for me. I'm itching to get on the london property ladder but waiting for this damn property crash to bring the prices down by atleast 20%. All I want is a small flat but even their stupid money in the good areas and even that would be a downgrade from the area I'm renting in now due to the amenties available minutes away. Up near the hospital there were two slightly bigger houses similar style, both went for £1.25million it has to be a frigging dream; where do they get the money for the deposit.
  10. Perfect for communuters probably. Surely there is a premium for places near train stations and tube stations now days, tube stations more so. My last place was practically on the side of a railway track and that was a flipping nightmare even with double glazing.
  11. Jesus >200k, sitting in traffic going towards hanger lane on a monday morning is like hell on earth and someone always seems to get rear ended which holds things up even worse. Lane discipline in this country also gets on my nerves.
  12. Is there a way to remove these stupid overpriced share ownership things from a rightmove search?
  13. Hopefully it will not be the testing ground for the criminals that breed in the graham park area lol and the people will be able to live in peace. Last time I was there my mate was telling me there was some kind of gang dispute going on. Are they running out of decent places in london to build expensive property or something?
  14. How do they stop these painting detoriating into dust ?
  15. Now days you need a parking permit to park anywhere safe. If it happened in this country they'd employ thousands more parking wardens and if the parking tickets weren't paid they'd confiscate the cars.
  16. Wasn't it actually proven that the world is actually cooling down and thus global warming is a myth? I don't believe taxiation of fuel use has anything to do with the enviroment. Our goverment is so useless that the only way they can amass revenue is through the simplest of ways. If the oil runs out then they will have to start taxing us for the air we breathe I reckon. I find it strange that we just fought or are fighting an oil war for zero benefit. The americans pay something like 30p a litre and they are in uproar at how expense petrol is. In some arab countries I think petrol may be around 1p a litre.
  17. I'm in the other boat. We have such an unpredictable economy I'm at a loss at what to do. I have a buyer for my flat but I'm starting to think if I'm wrong in selling when headlines in papers tomorrow read highest rise in prices for 20 years or something.
  18. Remeber that show on the tellie years ago where the employees were spitting in the burgers, that put me off for life.
  19. Does anyone know what their building next to the t mobile building? It looks like a huge development.
  20. They have them from birth, some parents have them surgically removed though.
  21. How can that place ever be £1.5 million. I remeber kingsley's in the summer advertising 5 bed detached properties in golders for around the 800k mark.
  22. I'm just pondering what I should do to protect myself from the coming financial troubles. Do I sell my recently acquired place, rent another and wait out the storm with money in the bank or should I just stay put? Any ideas or am I being overly paranoid. Seems like if I sell my place and put money in the bank not only will expenses of rent etc be eating away at my savings but inflation too. I don't think I will be in a position whereby my mortgage would get out of hand so there is no danger of reposession.
  23. Health system in the USA is crazy, watch the micheal moore film about it.
  24. Cues down the street at my nearest northern rock at golders green.
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