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  1. New Zealand is nice. I've been out here for 7 years now. The work life balance is better, there's less crime, people seem happier - life is just more simple. I returned to the UK a few years ago for a family visit and I couldn't believe how much worse it had become in just a few years. Any questions on NZ, let me know. One piece of advice though: avoid Auckland. If you think house prices are bad in the UK then you ain't seen nothin'. Auckland is absolutely out of control, Chinese buyers are fueling a massive speculative boom. If I wasn't already established with property in Auckland I would be looking at Wellington or a nice South Island town.
  2. 4. XFactor, Britain's got "Talent" and other celebrity worship garbage is also a serious malaise.
  3. Lived there for a year or so in the Minster Wharf development, by the canal. Lovely place to live. I'd strongly recommend that area as it's a walkable distance to the town center and also close to the main road into Hull. Good schools, nice little town center, Hull at a safe distance! Town can get a little rough sometimes in the evening but it's better than most. I think most of it is pretty good really. It's the best place I lived in England.
  4. An entire country ravaged by a bunch of bits in some computers traded by testosterone, cocaine and booze fueled gamblers. The situation is absurd.
  5. Exactly - aren't these things just moving the problem? Burning the fuel at the point of use is surely more efficient than burning it in a power plant, distributing it over the grid, dropping it in a battery then pulling it back out again. The various hybrid variations seem like a waste of time to me.
  6. Weed makes you think? In my limited experience it just made me real slow, relaxed and a little giggly. Give me a couple of bottles of Cloudy Bay any day..
  7. If the commission is thorough they will find that only the "very richest" can tolerate any more tax. Nobody else has any bloody money left. I can't believe New Labour might be getting the reigns of power for another five years - it's like the turkeys voting for Christmas. Glad I'm out of that shithole.
  8. I assume AbsoluteZero is just playing devils advocate or trolling. Creating "non-jobs" is not stimulus. Not taxing the "real-jobs" quite so much in the first place would be stimulus. Lower tax would make Britain more competitive and leave more money in the pockets of workers to spend in the private sector. That tax money that just goes "round and round" would be much more productive going "round and round" in the private sector.
  9. That would be awesome. Only the elite want this European Superstate, I hope the people make a stand on this one.
  10. Yup, doomed. Sterling is living on borrowed time. As the Tories have been saying, "we can't go on like this".
  11. Have faith in humanity and our ability to adapt. We have technology now which would have been unimaginable a couple of centuries ago. I think technology will continue to advance at this pace. Next century we could have fusion power or some other fantastic energy source. People may choose to live in virtual worlds with their real-world bodies consuming minute resources. We probably won't be restricted to Earth or its energy sources - we've barely begun to tap the energy the sun is providing us. Sure things may well get tough, but in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. Some of our greatest innovation has occurred during our darkest times. "Consumerism" drives technology and efficiency - greed is good. All this anti-consumerism/carbon credit/green/global warming crap serves an agenda - to make you poorer and more easy to control, ignore it and enjoy life.
  12. This seems to be the plan that is now coming into plain view. I think it can be neatly summed up as existence tax. At what point to we say enough is enough?
  13. It certainly doesn't start out fair. All the usual crap about his appearance, college "kid" supporters, the bruno incident, "token nutjob" and some weird soviet-association smear attempt. After that its a decent article - were the first two paragraphs really necessary? The man has a brilliant mind, is a self made millionaire and has led an honest decent life - he has never swayed from his morals, despite his relatively powerful position. His ideas deserve to be heard without the offensive "introduction", no other mainstream politicians are treated this way.
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