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  1. You are obviously blind or Gordon Brown and I claim my $10 Get a life son
  2. Batten down the hatches folks, the sh*t-storm has arrived. Classic!
  3. If a CD album was 2 quid like it should be my house would be full of em, I mean they cost pennies to make and naff all to host and upload.
  4. You are Gordon Brown and I claim my 5 quid and bankers bonus
  5. Perhaps they could start with removing spam email rather than taking our freedom of speach
  6. Gordon stop posting on here and get back to your expenses. Money supply and credit are almost completly broken and there are way to many jobs going down the toilet.
  7. Brown is a fool and doesn't understand what is about to be unleashed. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...aiting-for.html TV crews summoned to No 10 on Tuesday night for a hastily arranged round of interviews report Mr Brown's sullen demeanour and the way he ripped into one correspondent – once the cameras were switched off – for daring to raise the matter. "He takes very personally the suggestion of financial impropriety aimed at him and doesn't understand why that accusation could be made," one aide points out. Yet no one who knows Mr Brown can think him capable of financial sharp practice, if only because he wouldn't have the first idea of how to do it. It is precisely because he is so uninterested in money that his family had to organise his affairs to prevent his flat being declared a health hazard, while it was his friends who, years ago, spotted vast amounts of unspent salary sitting in his current account and suggested he might consider buying a property. In fact, it might be argued that Mr Brown's lack of interest in money is his undoing. For a start it cuts him off from the everyday concerns of people who worry about mortgages, overdrafts, and even the cost of groceries. Someone who relies on staff to buy his suits – usually in batches – will have no thought for those who must navigate life's daily necessities.
  8. Was this edited? I thought she said she was going to eat her hat.....
  9. The buyers were all MPs laundering cash and I claim my 5 quid
  10. Explains why the tories never ever called it in, I've been wondering for years why they never bashed brown on his housing / boom / bust record? they were all aboard the gravy train..... Quite honestly I'm amazed at the dishonesty. Still if the auditers want to visit Keith Vas and John Prescott I'd be greatful (no need to count stationary just count cars and houses
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