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  1. The idea is to buy the stock and hold it for a few years. Prices go up every year due to inflation (AKA money printing) and you can easily sell £50K worth of stock to the hobbiest market. Buying obsolete components is a little bit of a punt however for most people, so people should be careful there. I think just about anything however has more change of preserving it's value better than fiat. Would I rather have my 1000 Matchbox (Mattel) cars for £1 each, or £1000 in the bank right now. I'd take the cars as I feel more confident about selling them after a few years than I do about £1000 actually being worth the same as it is today, if anything by that point.
  2. Make no mistake, they WILL print, and AGAIN, and AGAIN and ...... Just about anything will become more valuable than fiat. Anyone holding a sigfnificant amount of cash is going to get decimated. No, not fair, but what ever has been in this world?
  3. Can i ask why you have decided you dont want to hold a little gold? Not trying to intrude, just interested in your thoughts. Are you confident any cash you have is safe and will be worth anything in the future? What i am seeing is 2 choices. Either TPTB force house prices down through defaults and deflation, or they inflate fiat. It seems obvious which path they've followed. How would you feel if in the future someone with 1oz of gold is able to buy a house with it, yet another person can only rent a house for 12 months with £100k cash?
  4. It very much depends though. I've never sold to large electronics firms so couldn't comment there, but there is the hobby market that pulls the whole thing off. Electronics hobbiests are actually increasing and large companies will not supply to individuals, or at least in small quantities which is what hobbiests want. Yes i agree on storage, but not on shelf life. You have to get the timing right, but in some cases you can come out on top through luck. Some of my best sales have been from old old obsolete components. Who would have thought you'd be able to sell a 2N4427 or 2N3553 for more than 200% of the original sale price?
  5. A little bit of gold to some people will be £10,000 worth, however if gold increased by 50% their return would be greater as they've lost more due to inflation to the cash they hold. If they had not invested in a 'little' bit of gold, their real cash losses would be greater. Think of a 'little' bit of gold as an insurance policy. I'd rather put £10k into gold even now than risk losing £100k in cash which is what will happen given the printing presses are just starting to get warm. If by some miracle they dont print or no inflation occurs, well i'd take the hit by losing the original £10k invested (not that gold would ever get to £0, unlike fiat).
  6. A good thing in the past has been to invest in electronic components - this has included surface mount resistors, capacitors and transistors, and even integrated circuits to an extent. The prices of the basics always increased, although you had to be careful with integrated circuits as typically newer more efficient and better refined devices came out frequently at lower/the same price. Couldn't go wrong with the basics though as mentioned. Buying up stocks of obselete parts was also a favourite especially if you picked the right parts at the right time. I think you still stand a fair chance now by investing in the basics, i.e surface mount resistors and capacitors. Buy in bulk from Hong Kong and store. Keep away from integrated circuits and do NOT buy from the likes of Maplin, Farnell, digikey etc for the obvious fact they are significantly marked up in price Apart from electronic components, I think just about anything will be better than fiat currency as a store of wealth. I've got a batch of toy Matchbox cars (Mattel) bought for £1 each for example. I also have gold. Can I say that word in here? Anyone who doesn't at least invest a little in gold will be kicking themselves this time next year when it is most likely at $2200 / oz. What people have to remember is that it is not the price of things going up, it's that fiat currency is going down. It's going to be like this for quite some time so I really think if you have money in the bank you seriously need to get it out and convert (to selected tangible items) before you're left with nothing, no cash, no chance of even buying a house, nada. The system is now only going one way and I think that should now be clear to the majority on here.
  7. They are the same as the last lot, and the lot before them and so on. Same the world over. They have to serve the same masters, the elite right at the very top of the world stage. If they deviate even slightly, they'll be brought straight back into line. To actually get into power, you must tell your voters what they want to hear, not what you will actually do once in.
  8. And if their power is taken back the next people in power will be any different? Generally, you will find people in power have not actually earned it at all.
  9. One word: Globalists. A minority percentage in terms of numbers, but enough of them working in concert to run the world. Who have these people got to challenge? People from Mars or the moon??
  10. Yes, so the banks can't be allowed to go pop. The banks want to continue their game but they can't because of people in debt who have no chance of every repaying anything (what ever that anything is? Money, blood?). They can however start on the next tranche of bods though - the ones who currently are in 'credit'. They're not building anymore land so they need to cleanse the system which means removing the trash who can't pay their way. That probably means taking some extremely nasty measures, killing people if necessary.
  11. The banks would not have gone pop however. You can't lose as a banker as there was actually nothing there to begin with. You can only lose if you're not in control of the terminal computer that you can type some numbers in to credit or debit at will. This system wouldn't work if you are zimbabwe (and hasn't), however if you're in the gentleman's club (the vast majority of countries are), they are all at the same game so no one member state can bring the system down. It's the globalists who run the world.
  12. It doesn't matter what word or words we use to describe it. Such people in power can not go broke. They can break promises. They really can do anything they like and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
  13. Also, they won't be able to walk back into their old homes as they will be repossessed. By people who have bought the gaff at the correct price and who have the cash.
  14. They can break promises. Been doing that all the time since year dot.
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