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  1. ``The one down side to the ECB doing something is that it may suggest there are more issues out there,'' said Barry Moran a euro-money market trader at the Bank of Ireland in Dublin. ``People are nervous.'' Getting me tin hat out and bunkering down with my gold coins and my picture of Yasser Arafat to protect my wealth from the thief's and government.
  2. looks like more evidence of the PPT at its finest hour. THEY HAVE DONE IT BEFORE. MR Ron PAUL: In the media you will find articles that will claim that it is a lot more than an advisory group you know, if there is a stock market crash, that you literally have a lot of authority, you know, to impose restrictions on the market. And we are talking about many trillions of dollars slushing around in all the financial markets, and this involves Treasury and, of course, the Fed, as well as the SEC and the CFTC. So there is a lot of potential there. And the reason this came to my attention was just recently there was an article that actually made a charge that out of this group came actions to interfere with the prices of General Motors stock. Have you read that, or do you know anything about that? MR. BERNANKE: No, sir, I don't. I have just seen MR BERNANKE flying overhead in a helicopter which looks like its in a loada trouble with smoke coming from its cockpit,sorry its Dollars coming out of it. Heres the Link http://news.goldseek.com/EricHommelberg/1186603582.php
  3. Now how to keep up the illusion of a strong dollar? "Well, in order to keep the illusion of a strong dollar all one has to do is to bury gold since a fast rising gold price would undermine the dollar's credibility. Former FED president Paul Volcker said in his memoirs (referring to the dollar crisis of the 70's):" Well looks like all the central Banks are getting into the act,a lot of gold is being sold,on the pretense of sticking into higher yielding assets.? "So there it is, The US Government used Gold sales in order to support the falling dollar. Seems like deja-vu all over again. Any wonder we are hearing stories of gold sales by IMF, France, Italy and so on?"and now Spain Happy day's, keeps the price down,and we get all their shiny stuff at knock down prices,as well as smart China,Russia gobbling up all the central banks sales of gold.(they are not stupid,they know a bargain) Loads more evidence of the existence of the plunge protection team at it's finest hour. http://news.goldseek.com/EricHommelberg/1186603582.php
  4. Seems nobody is selling back to Bairds so their chappie told me when i ask, he said they only had 11 kruggers left,but all is well now as they have now got a new home buried in the flower bed,for when the fiat money system collapses or Ron Paul brings back the gold standard if elected in good old U.S.ofA Could all the kruggers have been melted down to produce this mother of all gold coins? Bet you would luv to own this one Goldfinger This monetary item, issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, is twenty inches in diameter and one inch thick. It's made of 99.999 percent gold bullion and weighs 220 pounds (100 kilograms). One side of the hefty coin has the face of Queen Elizabeth and the reverse shows a cluster of maple leaves, one of Canada's most well-known symbols. Its scalloped edge is reminiscent of the country's old-style nickels. The side with the maple leaves has the English words "Fine gold", then "100 KG", followed by the French words "Or pur", which translates as "Pure gold". One of these coins takes six weeks to make.
  5. "Bush, in his most extensive remarks on a gyrating stock market that has sent investors on a rollercoaster ride, expressed confidence that investors would eventually calm down. The president said he expects investors to reassess their risk and begin to focus more on the economy's fundamentals, which he said are solid and sound". Yep sounds like the same old Manure as Saddam having WMDs.
  6. "And Derek Wilson, Ulster Bank head of mortgages, agreed that the market is in a state of flux but added that it could be good news for first time buyers". Who's he kidding with his Alice in wonderland approach eg market is in a state of flux and as far as first time buyers they should wait for the real crash to save loads of $$$$$$$$personally i feel they should drop to at least 40% - 50% to really justify 1st time buyers to be able to afford the payments to the robber barons(banks). Lets set back and enjoy the crash now that it's rearing its ugly head in the media.
  7. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC120546 It is a real bargain,a real steal for 250k Pity about the last owners getting intimated though they must be sick as pigs leaving this real peaceful rural location . I hope he was a Banker or an Estate Agent,i wonder if the gangsters will be a lot more pleasant to the new owners. Also too close to the Bible thumping crazys for my liking.
  8. Yes i agree , we will end having to go down the local Tesco store with a wheelbarrow full of Money and swap it for Toilet roll in the next couple of years. What happens in the U.S. will follow here. Might barter some pebbles on the beach, and see if i can buy something with it instead of fait money. US Economy on Life-Support and Global Financial System on Brink of Collapse The inside word is that we are likely to see major monetary shocks and a possible stock market crash as early as December 2007. The federal government is trying to figure out what to do. Their biggest concern is that foreign investors have started to pull out of dollar-denominated markets. Even if the plunge protection team succeeds, and the frog cooks slowly, there will be a massive de facto default on dollar-denominated debt and a long-term degradation of the U.S. standard of living. The inside word is that we are likely to see major monetary shocks and a possible stock market crash as early as December 2007. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article1473.html
  9. I Wonder is the dollar and other paper (FIAT) currency's going to end up being used for something more useful when the S**T hits the fan in 2007/2008, and the stock markets Crash,defaults,credit crunch,recession, Global Depression etc. The central banks around the world are increasingly worried that the Bush administration’s profligate spending and irrational monetary policies will trigger a global depression. The recent volatility in the stock market suggests that the credit boom is just about over. Once the liquidity dries up---stocks will fall sharply. But Merv over in the Bank of Rothschild's will tell us that everything is alright with the Pound and economy and don't panic,to give them time to get their VI in order before the cat gets out of the bag that all is not well in uk credit boom also The printing presses will also be going into overdrive now.
  10. The greatest trick the banks ever played was convincing the world that the boom/bust cycle isn't deliberately engineered to maximize their profits and assets.
  11. Can u tell me which Dole office in Berkshire these people get this good benefits and house worth 500k, as feel i am been discriminated against as i am Muslim,i only get to stay in 4 bedroom house worth 300k which nice british workers pay for me, me also got 14 children and plan more babe's soon. What is the difference in these people getting help with bringing their kids up in a nice house and nice 44K benefits, than the likes of greedy politicians like the blairs and co robbing and cheating in cash for honours and expenses,come of it everybody does it, why not cheat like the bankers ,politicians etc..... .
  12. B***ards, i was waiting for Mr Rothchild and buddies in the cartel to pump more gold on the market on friday to keep the price down, The Gold Cartel must be running out of gold to cap the price. Ah well must pay the extra 6 quid for 1oz Kurggers now on monday to add to my friends collection and then their is suppose to be a post strike on Monday, i wonder if the posties are in league with the gold cartel working against me.LOL
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