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  1. And me. All the comments look as if posters are from here.
  2. "Gold-finger" , i was lurking & reading Axstones comments and imagine my surprise when i saw your avatar on the other forum. I will enjoy your posts without having to read the negative comments from fiat paper lovers about are shiny friend gold & silver. I'm getting a better education over there too.
  3. Gold rush 21 video explains the cartels actions and why they will be defeated and gold to soar. It lasts about 25mins and is not the full documentary, but it is will worth watching. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=25...eid=popularfeed Distinguished Speakers Bill Murphy Chairman, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Bill Murphy grew up in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968. During his senior year he broke all the single-season Ivy League pass-receiving records and was honorable mention on the All-America Football team. He was starting wide receiver for the Boston Patriots in 1968. Murphy went on to become a commodities broker in New York. In 1998 he opened LeMetropoleCafe.com, a financial market Internet site geared to the gold market. The following year he became chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, which seeks to expose the manipulation of the gold price. Chris Powell Secretary/Treasurer, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Chris Powell, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee's secretary/treasurer, has been in the newspaper business in Connecticut since graduating from high school in 1967. He has been managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Conn., since 1974 and was editorial page editor as well for many years. His column on Connecticut government and politics is published in the Journal Inquirer and a dozen other newspapers in the state and Rhode Island. He is legislative chairman of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information and a director of the Connecticut Associated Press Managing Editors Association, of which he was president in 1999 and from 1983 to 1985. With Bill Murphy, Powell founded GATA in 1999. Ferdinand Lips Gold banker Ferdinand Lips had a career of more than 50 years of experience in banking and finance, 30 of those involving gold mining. He was managing director of Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich and chief executive officer of his own bank, Bank Lips AG, in Zurich. In 1993 he was the No. 2 mutual fund manager worldwide with his in-house precious metals fund. In December 2000 Lips became a founding member of Lion Capital Group AG in Zurich. Lips served as a director in or adviser to Randgold & Exploration, Durban Roodeport Deep, Randgold Resources, Aflease Gold and Uranium, J-Pacific Gold, and Desert Sun Mining. He wrote several books on investing and gold, including "Gold Wars," released in the United States in 2002. He lectured widely on monetary history, bonds, and stock markets. His address, "Three Revolutions," was presented at the Gold Rush 21 conference in August 2005 by his partner in Lion Capital Group, J.P. Schumacher. He died in Switzerland a month later at age 74. Reginald H. Howe Market analyst and partner, Golden Sextant Advisors Reginald H. Howe is an author, private investor, and member of Golden Sextant Advisers LLC in Massachusetts, which provides consulting, management, and investment banking services to companies and private investors with an interest in gold. He formerly was a partner and member of the Boston law firm of Palmer & Dodge. He is a graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and the Bologna (Italy) Center of the John Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies. He was both plaintiff and counsel to the groundbreaking gold market anti-trust lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Boston, Howe vs. Bank for International Settlements et al., and is a consultant to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. Peter George Investment analyst, Trinity Holdings Peter George is a South Africa who graduated from Oxford University in England and earned a master's degree in business administration at the University of Cape Town. He was a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange from 1969-1981, chairman of Wit Nigel gold mine from 1983-1987, and a member of the South African Bond Exchange from 1993-1997. He is investment adviser to Trinity Holdings in South Africa and writes frequent commentary on markets, currencies, and gold. Catherine Austin Fitts President, Solari Inc. Catherine Austin Fitts is president of Solari Inc., an investment advisory firm, and is former managing director and a member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. She was assistant secretary of housing and federal housing commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush administration. She also was president and founder of Hamilton Securities Group Inc., a broker-dealer/investment bank and software developer. She was considered for nomination to the Federal Reserve Board during the first Bush administration. She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School. She is a member of the board of directors of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. Antal E. Fekete Professor Emeritus, Memorial University of Newfoundland Antal E. Fekete, professor emeritus at Memorial University of Newfoundland, is an economics historian. He was born and educated in Hungary and moved to Canada in 1956. He worked in the Washington office of U.S. Rep. W. E. Dannemeyer for five years, handling monetary and fiscal reform issues, until 1990. He taught as visiting professor of economics at the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala City in 199
  4. sorry made a mess of above post here's the three little pigs story about beating inflation with gold as a hedge. The Great Game, Gold Arbitrage & Three Little Pigs http://the-great-retirement-experiment.com...me%20031307.htm The winners of the inflation game will be those with clear title to real assets. The losers will be those with promises and financial instruments denominated in FRN or other fiat.
  5. Maybe it was Axestone, i see he is at gold is money forum now and keeping everyone amused and is also very bitter with Kitco, also he has a few followers from the kitco site joining him,its like a party with him at the new place,i see that it has a lot more action on it now Axestone is giving out loads of wisdom advice etc... http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread....0966&page=8 Also it was great to see the wee drop on Precious metals today as has been well forecast , i managed to save 333 quid today on my Perth Mint allocated silver today when i finally wire the payment through a dealer with the new lower spot price WHICH ALMOST COVER THEIR FEES
  6. Seems as if the private bankers now realise that gold is better than their fait paper. Among the buyers are private bankers purchasing for capital protection, hedge funds keen to get an exposure to physical gold on a cost-effective basis, some multi-asset funds with wide mandates such as those operated by New Star, BlackRock and Newton, and retail investors who like and understand gold http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b7b1b582-6abb-11...00779fd2ac.html My endowment cash should be through in a week and i know what i'll be buying with it even at $748 an oz gold is still cheap. I reckon $1000 an oz before the santa clause season
  7. It has been forecast for years about the global meltdown, now that it is happening and in the main stream media, it is getting scary, but on the bright side i should be able to support myself and family and purchase a nice mc mansion on the cheap for a couple of ozs of the real currency gold or silver,and now the media is ramping up gold, times or a changing.
  8. I bought one for silver recently you have to buy through an a approved dealer,the storage costs for silver is 2.5% a year gold is 1.5% a year. They also run a free unallocated certificate with no costs,but i preferred the actual storage costs per a year because you actually own it instead of a paper promise and are easily sold through approved dealers or just turn up at the mint. You have to weight out the pro and cons in allocated or unallocated silver. Here's a link from one of the Perth mint approved dealers the only one in Europe fully trustworthy ,they charged me 3.9% commission. http://www.goldinvestments.org/advisors.php#a7 And here's the Perth mint website. http://www.perthmint.com.au/certificateprograms.aspx
  9. You might not be able to switch back from stocks to physical gold, if everybody decides to change their paper promises to the real thing,there might not be enough of the real stuff to go around. I was going to buy unallocated silver,but after a week of sleepless nights,i have now today bought the allocated silver,and pay 1 krugger a year to pay for the storage fees,which is cheap for my peace of mind. Also it is offshore,and Gordy and his cronies can't get at it if tshtf, which seems likely now that the mainstream newspapers like the FT, Toriegraph or talking about a full-blown recession heading possibly world wide,was also hearing Bill Clinton talking about recessions,greenspan etc. So if they are talking about recessions in my opinion it means DEPRESSIONS, now i'm getting my tinfoiled hat on and preparing for the worst to come,maybe i'm paranoid but me thinks not?
  10. The Dutch bank that bought Bearing Bank, the one Nick Leason bankrupt has a few problems with Alt-A "liar loans",these are suppose to be above subprime loans. Alt-A loans would be given to the likes of people with good credit history's or Dentists, doctors, solicitors, accountants working in the private sectors and don't have to show proof of income, hence "liar loans". also a few other banks in this article. http://www.reuters.com/article/bankingfina...426114420070924
  11. All the piggy's in the trough feeding of the taxpayers ,then most M.Ps are barristers,accountants, business people,so they are all well verse on the art of corruption. And then don't forget about the backhanders from lobbyists, great job if you can get it.
  12. Yep i also don't trust financial institutions,but in this case i will make an exception. I am in the process of buying a perth mint certificate for silver, the Perth Mint is a division of Gold Corporation, wholly owned by the Western Australian Government,it is rated AAA by the US International Credit Rating Agency, Standard and Poor's. The Perth Mint Certificate Program is the only government guaranteed precious metal accumulation program in the world. An investor has a private client vaulting relationship with The Perth Mint. Transaction confidentiality is provided for under the Gold Corporation Act 1987 and the Perth Mint Certificate Programs administrative procedures. I'm thinking about just going for the unallocated certificate,i know it's maybe a bad choice to us paranoid goldbugs, but i don't fancy paying a 2.5% storage fees,the way i look at it is that if the perth mint goes insolvent which is highly unlikly,the government that owns it can always tax the people and pay me back,plus they have got gold and silver mines,so i would have to just wait for them to dig up some more and pay me back. I have look closely at bullion vault and goldmoney, but i don't trust them,even though they have good reputations,what happens if the uk government decides when they are bankrupt and start seizing your gold from them,and also what if they go tits up and end up like Enron. Can anybody see any problem with the Perth mint certificate programme please. https://online.kitco.com/pmcp/introduction.html
  13. This guy explains that the cartel is the reason why the gold and silver lease rates are so low.good article for gold bugs. By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster http://news.goldseek.com/InternationalFore.../1190300640.php Second, gold and silver lease rates, especially in the shorter terms, continue to plummet, a sure sign of a manipulation in the making. A week ago on September 10, the lowest rate for any term of lease was .26% for gold and .27% for silver. By today, the one month gold lease rate has dropped to a manipulative .11%, the two month gold lease rate is .18%, which is still very low, and the three month gold lease rate is .23%. The one-month silver lease rate is now a stunning .01%, the two month silver lease rate is an equally stunning .04%. The conclusion has to be that the cartel is setting up for an attempt to contain gold that will most likely be futile as this time they have far fewer and much weaker weapons at their disposal due to the subprime CDO debacle and credit crunch. We sincerely hope and believe that this time relentless physical off-take will blow the cartel right out of their collective "shorts" (pun intended) that the large commercial shorts will implode and that gold will explode.
  14. $736 now, anybody reckon $800 by the end of the month.
  15. If you allow for inflation using the feds cpi calculater, in 1979 at golds price of $750 , that would now be worth around $2225,in todays money. so it looks like it has to go up to adjust for inflation yet. I see that spain is not going to sell any more gold this year, Chinese will soon be dumping the dollor and bonds, Inflation/hyperinflation coming with all these central banks pumping money into the system,financial system meltdown possibly in the next year or two,bank runs in 2007, newspapers advising to buy gold, it all looks very promising for anybody that has bought the yellow stuff. But silver is also going up and seems a great investment and seems to outperform gold all the time,so i am going to get more now,Since the beginning of 2002 Over this same period of time, the gold price in US dollars increased by 130% - an average gain of 26% per year. And the silver price in US dollars increased by 183% - an average gain of 36% per year.
  16. advise apredicated Does anybody have any Perth mint Certificates, its was suggested to me by one of their agents on the phone a year ago who charges a 3% commission and is guaranteed by the Aussie government, and is supposed to be anonymous, i have a few physical coins but want to get into something else as it can be a security nightmare, i am thinking of gold money, or the Perth mint certificates which you are suppose to be able to sell at any time. I was wondering if their are any drawbacks with either one and i don't want gordy are his cronies knowing about my affairs. The Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) enables you to invest precious metal without the inconvenience and risk of personal storage. The Perth Mint issues a Certificate to you confirming your purchase, which is stored at the Mint on your behalf. The Perth Mint Certificate gives you legal title to precious metals held by The Perth Mint on either a segregated (allocated) or unsegregated (unallocated) basis. The Certificate is in your name and identified by a Certificate number. The PMCP is also the only Government Guaranteed certificate program in the world, making it one of the safest ways to own precious metals. The PMCP is especially suitable for investors seeking confidentiality, flexibility and low cost secure storage for their precious metal assets. No sales tax is levied on purchases and sales of precious metals in Australia and there are no restrictions on the movement of precious metal in and out of Australia. http://www.perthmint.com.au/certificateprograms.aspx
  17. Greenspan loves GOLD I would say that this shyster has a few ingots of gold in his retirement fund. He also states that the fed is a group of private banks, which we have known. Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan Under a gold standard, the amount of credit that an economy can support is determined by the economy's tangible assets, since every credit instrument is ultimately a claim on some tangible asset. But government bonds are not backed by tangible wealth, only by the government's promise to pay out of future tax revenues, and cannot easily be absorbed by the financial markets. A large volume of new government bonds can be sold to the public only at progressively higher interest rates. Thus, government deficit spending under a gold standard is severely limited. The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit. They have created paper reserves in the form of government bonds which-through a complex series of steps-the banks accept in place of tangible assets and treat as if they were an actual deposit, i.e., as the equivalent of what was formerly a deposit of gold. The holder of a government bond or of a bank deposit created by paper reserves believes that he has a valid claim on a real asset. But the fact is that there are now more claims outstanding than real assets. The law of supply and demand is not to be conned. As the supply of money (of claims) increases relative to the supply of tangible assets in the economy, prices must eventually rise. Thus the earnings saved by the productive members of the society lose value in terms of goods. When the economy's books are finally balanced, one finds that this loss in value represents the goods purchased by the government for welfare or other purposes with the money proceeds of the government bonds financed by bank credit expansion. http://hubpages.com/hub/Gold_and_Economic_...eenspan_in_1966
  18. I have read somewhere in the last week they were in difficulties with sub prime. be careful i can,t find the link,so up to yourself, also Bank of Ireland,i can't remember the rest.
  19. The gold cartel ppt does exist and it is their job to keep the prices down at all costs, there's plenty of investors with good reputations that have asked about the anti gold cartel. It makes sense to keep the price of gold down so nobody buys it,in order to keep the fait money going. The Manipulation Of The Gold Market http://www.gata.org/node/11 Clear evidence from Greenspan that central banks do intervene in the gold market Officially, the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury do not trade in the gold market. Indeed, suppressing the free market price of gold contravenes US anti-trust legislation. Publicly available evidence may suggest otherwise, however. A comment by Alan Greenspan in his testimony to the House Banking Committee in July 1998 confirmed both intervention and its aim of restraining strength in the gold price: "…central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise". He later elaborated on this comment in a letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman. "This observation simply describes the limited capacity of private parties to influence the gold market by restricting the supply of gold, given the observed willingness of some foreign reserves – not the Federal Reserve – to lease gold in response to price increases." This appears to be clear evidence from Greenspan that central banks do intervene in the gold market, even if he denies the involvement of the Federal Reserve.
  20. Nice one. Can you really see the powers that be trying to outlaw physical ownership, because my body cavity would be in a terrible state trying to put 1ozers safe.
  21. I solded by overpriced s*ithole in a glorified housing estate in December 2007 for 160k and paid off my mortgage and was left with 115k, i tolded the Btl landlord that i thought house prices will crash and were unsustainable because of the average wages in South Down would be about 14k-16k,and he laughed and tut tutted,and said also that houses will always go up in price. I can't wait to see him again and ask how he his getting on with them because he has around 20 houses at the minute and works for a living in a different field. I,m now renting a great house with 5 bedrooms and a massive garden what takes about hours to cut the grass, the house is worth around about 400k, and the landlord is secure financially,and has tolded me i can have it for as long as i want. Not be long now before i buy my new house at knocked down prices.
  22. I typed in "reduce for quick: sale last week in property news last week and got 3 pages , this week there is 4 pages, but of course we know their is more than that about. http://www.propertynews.com/results.php?s=28766955 Come back propertysnake alls forgiven,i wonder will the EAs start to let propertysnake advertise houseprice reductions now now the cat is out of the bag.
  23. Also the canary in the coal mine is tweet tweeting, about the dangerous sh*t happening in the fait currency's at the moment.
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