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  1. This brings up some interesting questions about what I think is a major shift in the way we see housing. Being from Australia the belief at home(and I believe to a lesser certain extent here) it is everyone's "right" to own a property. The great Aussie dream of quarter acre block with huge 5 bedroom house, swimming pool was within reach of the masses for a long time..... until recently. That dream for the time being is over, the reality is most people are just happy to get into the merket. A paradigm shift in the way the general public sees property changed the face of the market, a house
  2. Thanks for all the feedback/stories, it's been interesting to hear about everyones experiences. What it shows to me is everyone's situation is unique and in the end property means different things to people. From the first home buyer trying to get on the ladder, to someone wanting a house for their family/kids to grow up in, to those who want to make their fortunes in property. Everyone is in "it" for different reasons. One thing I didn't mention in my original post is what my situation is. Well luckily I am a home owner with a mortgage almost paid off and who just happens to be also renti
  3. This is my first post so please be gentle! I've been following this forum for a while and find the topics of discussion to be fascinating and informative(well in most cases). A great way to stimulate some real discussions about the housing market. I'm interested to know the if those who predict a HPC what % of them are home owners and the same for those forseeing a bull market? There seems a distinct correlation between ones situation and their views on the hosuing situation. Whilst there seems to be a talk of a huge HPC(a distinct possibility) is it also plausible there maybe a gradual d
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