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  1. How about 800k tins of beans might be the best investment you could make lol
  2. intresting read looks like they both might go supernova then burn out in the next few months
  3. basically its the system whats corrupt Rich and middle classes get the best eduction. place a "poor kid" in a private school all his life and see what job he gets also its a agency work culture in most jobs what pay low wages to the workers and high wages to the agency ITS WRONG I worked for agency for 5 years at a big American firm. Full time workers £25k yr plus great pension and free shares. What did the agency workers get £15kyr and no bonuses for doing more work & no the full time workers was no better trained or qualified. The agency was getting £18 a hour for our work we was treated like second class citizens and slaves. people will say just leave for another job but when most jobs are the same deal why bother? all people want is to earn a fare wage for there hard work not everyone can be an academic if they where we would be here with no infrastructure If we did slip into a depression there will be the rich and then the poor thats it middle class wiould be wipped out Maybe there sould be a limit on how many kids you could have maybe 2 or 3? I was talking to a polish working last year and he was telling me that one of his polish friends was claiming for 7 kids and she didnt even have one child he was very mad because he was single man working every hour he could and never claimed any benifits. he told me it was widespread abuse with the polish women. how can people get away with that kind of abuse? Be mad at the Gov not the people
  4. yes you are right but maybe some parts of london would be more suitable starting with the financial district
  5. after all the trillions of pounds what have been stolen by the rich I cant belive people are starting to turn on the working class the backbone of the uk I am getting mad knowing that every man woman & child is in mass goverment debt. we are the ones paying for there lifestyle
  6. but if she worked during school hours or had a family member to watch the kid then there would be no need for nursery fees would they? and I dont who would pay £180 for 16hr child care
  7. Have you been reading the same thing as me? I have 2 kids and yes I can afford them might not have a great job but I think I have done a good job I have no debt bought my house in 2003 and sold in 2006 for nearly double invested 50% in gold whats doubled in value got rest in hard cash and about a years surply of food I have learnt a hell of a lot off this site I am not saying there isnt people who souldnt have kids but I think you are looking in the wrong place. people who dont want to work are the ones that sould not have kids
  8. total rubbish 16hr = around £90 plus about £100 tax credits for one child = £190 engineer working 40 hour night shifts at Rolls-Royce. how much?
  9. some people on this forum are just as bad as the bankers. so you have a nice paid job sometimes doing a lot less work then these lower paid scum you are taking about I would love to be a fly on the wall when these jobs start drying up and you have to start thinking about selling your £20k+ cars and stop buying sh*t that doesnt mater in the real world. if everyone was in these high paid jobs who would do all the hard work?
  10. Hi all ive just completed my house sale and moved into a rented property its left me £44,000 to invest I have allready invested in £4,500 in gold bars £5,000 savings account what tracks the base rate £3,000 cash isa I am looking at investing in the rest but not sure where i dont mind some in medium risk anyone with ideas?
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