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  1. Yes they did all come in or around £200. Then the EA they went with said he had made a mistake and over valued it and said to put it on at about 175 and thats what they done. My aunt wanted the asking price and it took my mum to persuade her that she wouldn't get the asking price.
  2. Hope fully this will be the last update. My mum and my Aunt have managed to sell the flat. Sold for £170000 so not to bad in the end. Just hope it all goes through ok.
  3. Just a quick update about my nan's flat. Went on about a month ago at £199,950 my mum had a chat to the EA and the price has now been dropped to £175,000. Apparently some people have viewed it but no offers as yet. It's with Mishon Mackay.
  4. Managed to find my nans flat only one pic I'm afraid. What made me laugh the way they described the kitchen. in my honest opinion would have lowered my price down a lot more since it needs a lot of work in my opinion. Here is the link:http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-21667078.html?locationIdentifier=OUTCODE%5E239&maxPrice=200000&displayPropertyType=flats&radius=1.0&oldDisplayPropertyType=flats&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on&pageNumber=5&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DOUTCODE%255E239%26maxPrice%3D200000%26displayPropertyType%3Dflats%26radius%3D1.0%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dflats%26includeSSTC%3Dtrue%26_includeSSTC%3Don%26index%3D40 Hope it works
  5. This has been coming for months!! Not a great surprise to me. Nor to the fans of Southampton Football club. Many want Lowe out I'm sure some of them will be thinking this is the chance! Or again it could be another Leeds.
  6. I finaly found out who the estate agent was: Mishon McKay They came round yesterday and gave the valuation and managed to sweet talk my mum and my Aunt to go with them. All I say last night I kept on walking round my house saying the price under my breath. My wife thought I'D gone looney. I think the only decent thing is that my mum has given them 2 months to sell the place. I believe though she will be going to a new agent in June time. Hopefully then she will take in what I said and get a few more agents in and then put it on the market.
  7. Yes it is one of the ugly ones on the sea front and has 2 bedrooms. Sorry I can't remember who they were getting the probate valuations from. But apparently they went into one on the Friday and the guy said be down in half an hour. I kinda said he wasn't very busy then!!
  8. Just a quick update really. I went down on Saturday and while we were having lunch the conversation came up about the flat. For Probate they had to get the flat valued they asked us how much and we gave a figure of how much we thought it was. They said higher and the guy valued it to £180k. They have to get two valuations for probate so I'm very interested to hear what the figure will be today. All I kinda said to them was that they should get at least another two and then take it from there. The location of the flat is Langdale road right at the bottom just by the sea front.
  9. That is funny. Also got to be aware that they still got to exchange and complete! So will be interesting on how long will they be sold for. At least the weather will be good tomorrow for a drive down to Brighton. I got to organise some flowers for this funeral!
  10. Thanks for the advice. As you can imagine my mum & Aunt want to get rid of it as quick as poss. I even told her to go for lowest valuation and may be knock off another £20000-30000 whether they take my advice I don't know.
  11. Hello Just wondering how well flats are selling in the Brighton & Hove area? Just to say my nan has recently passed away and my mum and her sister are left to sell the flat. She was living in Channings flats. Sorry I can't tell you the road but I can't remember off hand.
  12. Just to add about 100 people were protesting outside of Fawley Refinery! When I got back to Refinery they all apparently away but speaking to the nice security guy reckons they will be back tomorrow but more of them. I think some of the guys that works for us have gone out as well.
  13. Here is one from the front line. I work for a Construction/Engineering firm. They had annual Christmas party on Friday. I wasn't there because I was off ill. When the Chairman made his yearly speech he dropped the bombshell that there would be no payrises next year due to the credit crunch! The reaction apparently wasn't good. Watch this space.....
  14. To be honest I think what gov done won't make any difference. The confidence isn't there so no one is prepared to help any one out.
  15. Halifax only let you withdraw £300 per day from a ATM.
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