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  1. What will happen if BOE get the approval of quantitative easing? It is almost certain now. Will the pound dive? But easy cheap credit is available again so HPI up again?
  2. The extension is not small. How can I find out if the extension met the building regulations at the time?
  3. It is not an ex-council house. The owner said they have lived in the property for 7 years. The property was traded in 2004. But they could have made a mistake.
  4. Yes, forgot about asking HIP. EA called today. He seems known about the low sold price in 2004. He said it might be just a bargin and he didn't know why it was sold at such low price at the time.
  5. Thank you. I have checked on the local concil website. The planning application is not listed. The concil holds the applications from 1968. But the the records on the system from 1968-1986 are not complete. Seems I need to visit the concil office. The extension is to the back of the house, with a pitched roof. The concil tax is band C, same as most of the properties in the area.
  6. Yes, I think I need a full survey if I go for it. I didn't spot anything suspicious when I viewed it today. The house looks in good condition.
  7. Thanks for the reply. A full survey cost over £1000. If the EA or the current owner don't give some explaination, I think I shouldn't go for it. The 2004 sold price wasn't right definately. The houses in the area were sold for over £100K even in 2000.
  8. I viewed a 3-bed mid of terrace today and wanted to put an offer. It is now £159,950. It has extension. The owner said they lived in the house for 7 years. The house was extended before they moved in. Just checked the histroy data on "housepirces" and was supprised about what I saw. The house was sold in March 2004 at just £73, 750! It is almost the lowest price in the area since 2000. Other houses in the same area sold in Q1 2004 for £125k averagely. Isn't it strange? What might be the problem with the house then? I am not sure if I should offer now. Is it a good idea just asking the EA?
  9. Hi Redbutdred, I don't think the EA will hold a grudge against you for putting a low offer. The landlords may not want to sell but the EA still want to do business with you. I offered £149k for a 3-bed house which asking price is £179,950. The ex landlord has exchanged the house for a new-built 4-bed. So the house is owned by the builder. My offer was declined two weeks ago and the EA said they won't accept my offer even after a month waiting. They haven't got any other offer but said there were lots of viewings and interests. The builder will stick to its asking price. I do like the location. But a two-bed in the same area is only let for less than £700 a month. If the builder is willing to start the negotiation at around £160k I may go for it. Another 3-bed is coming to the market in the exactly the same location, with asking price at £165K. So I think for now there is no need for buyers to rush to put a higher offer.
  10. I wouldn't mind showing the prove of fund, but I found the EAs asked for it are trickier to deal with. I come accross an agent ask me to prove the fund and guarantee to make an offer above the asking price before arranging the initial view. The reason they gave was that the property was a reprocessed one. The property had been on the Rightmove for a few months but I guess they have received an offer because a few days later they raised the price on the Righmove by 10K. I didn't view the house and don't want to deal with the agent in the future.
  11. Property Bee is great! I am supprised how big the price drop was! Some houses I am watching now are down from 180k range to 150k range in 6 months. Most of the houses had price reduction. And I can see which EA is more likely to play dirty games. One particular agent in the area raisd the price as soon as someone made an offer, and raised the price for some long time unsold properties to confuse the buyers, I guess.
  12. Thank you for all the replies so far. I am new to this forum so I have never heard about "property bee" before. Always wonder how people know how long a property has been on the market. I found after New Year, many properties were listed on the market again, some of them even with dearer prices. I feel they just treat buyers as fools. There are lots of unsold houses in my area, but there are very few new houses added to the Righmove. I think the market is standstill now. The EAs have nothing to do but play games because they got neither buyers nor sellers.
  13. The recorded fall in house price is significally different between Rightmove/Home.co.uk and others. Check this: Rightmove (Dec 08) 6.3% Home (Dec 08) 6% Nationwide (Dec 08) 15.9% Halifax (Dec 08): 16.2% Land Registry monthly report (Nov 08) 12.2% There is always a gap, but I don't remember the gap is so big before the downturn. I think the records from the banks and the Land Registry are more acurate as they are based on sold price in stead of asking price. Does it mean the Rightmove and other agents are overpricing the houses by 6-10%? Then a house with asking price 150k probably worth no more than 140K on the current market. To protect from further price drop in 2009 (say, 5-10%), is it reasonable to make an offer of 126k-133K now? I have not tried, but got a feeling this kind of offer would be turned down straightaway. What's your opinon?
  14. As a non-EU Immigration, free NHS is the only benefit I can have. But personally I wouldn't care if they take it away as I have only seen GP twice in three years and I have paid for private medical insurance. Although I pay tax and NI like all others, I do not have access to any public benefits, includes Child benefits, tax credit, basically all benefits. Many people say it is immigrations put too much pressure on the sytem. I am not arguing with that. But I think many people don't realy know the policy difference for EU and non-EU immigrants. To make the 'numbers' look better, the government has tightened the rules for us to extend the visa and forced some of us left the country. You may say: you can leave as you wish. But the decision of migration is an important decision and we can not easily turn back. It is just something to say from an immigrate...
  15. Basingstoke 85K studio http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-731...=2&tr_t=buy 89.5 1bedroom flat http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-145...=2&tr_t=buy 92.95k studio http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-152...=3&tr_t=buy
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