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  1. Ok so i posted on the wrong site, i didnt know i was just deperate for info. Yes for us renting is dead money end of.... i have only retailated to those posters who have called me a troll, someone said that they could smell a rat from first reply - people on here are too quick to judge and as i said before ..but i will let you have your pennys worth - i am very calm, and others show show respect to me too, if they want it from me. Whats the nice shiny orange suit thing... what are you going on about. And once again, for the 50th time we will drop the price of the house.
  2. Well no hurry really, just found a house that we love and dont want to lose it
  3. OK thanks for that, it should have a garden pic look again. The driveway is the only thing we havent really done. everything else in the house has been done professionally.
  4. Oh my god, you dont work for an estate agent do you.
  5. My dad passed away two years ago but my mom has always taught me to be careful with money - also being a student for many years taught me to only live to your means. Both my parents owned the house from a young age when prices were well not even half they are now but getting on the property ladder is something they always wanted us to do and hate the idea of me renting.
  6. Where is crime free nowadays - i love the area and the schools not that i need to worry about that yet. where do you live roughly - the house i want is not far from the Vine pub.
  7. I am actually moving out of the area of tipton, to wombourne - we can comfortably afford it- i am not going into figures as is no one but our own business but put it this way - we are young 24 me and husband 26 - he is an electrician own business and i am a microbiologist. We both have well paid jobs and recently got married so i am taking moving serouisly as want kids in the next couple of years. We are considering dropping the price but still have i alittle bit of interest at the moment so leaving it at the moment.
  8. Stop replying then - isnt this what the boards for. I am bored of you anyway. Like i said if you dont like it go away and reply to someone else.
  9. It just the way i think, i dont beileve the market is that weak that everything will fall, this was predicted a few years ago but it never happened, i cant believe people say renting is not dead money either - i have always been brought up to understand you get what you pay for and i firmly believe if you pay out every month for something that isnt yours and you can never own it whats the point, yes i can see it makes sense if you believe there will be a crash but only for short term. My friend was paying the same as me in rent as i was in mortgage at one time, she learned her lesson and they brought a house. Far better to own and build on it tahn spend all your money on something that is never yours.
  10. Erm... yes i said we will in time if this post is annoying you go away no one has asked you to post.
  11. Me rude ever since i came on for advice all i have had is rude comments, and being called a troll, i am perfectly calm, just in need to sell my house. How can you call me rude, - JUST BECAUSE I PUT THINGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS - get a grip.
  12. Not sure where i got the site from, and i dont know why my house isnt selling. My atitude towards the house is great and we dont need to move we want to and can afford to do it, personally i dont think house prices will drop that much i think interest rates will. House prices have been increasing for years and i think that they are slowing now. I think our house will sell and we will drop the price in time. The house we have fell in love with is being reviewed at the moment - should be able to extend the reservation on it. The vendor has accepted our offer and is in no hurry to move he is the end of the chain. I think people are looking for a bigger house than we have but thwere is nothing we can do about it now, I am sorry for coming on here i didnt know what the site was really about but i thought i could get opinions on the market and what the house prices are doing at the moment. I am not a troll - didnt think they hung around this much anyway and normally start of a contraversal (spp) topic i didnt think this was one and too be honest i have really started off anything, wasnt expecting to make this much of an impact really.
  13. So if you live down the road why do you need to hear the stories according to that website you should be able to see for yourself.
  14. Hope they do, maybe then you will end up like your name
  15. Where did you get that from, thousands of people have or do live in tipton, but i supose you live somwhere thats immaculate has no crime, no chavs etc.... WAKE UP
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