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  1. Actually i was suprised to see these are going for the £140k + range.. I was thinking circa 90k. Haigh has very good links to the motorway but is in the middle of nowhere really, no shops or anything. Its also on a very busy road. Bring on the crash. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-148...=1&tr_t=buy *edit* LOL it says 2 parking spaces. The only parking is on the main road which is really busy and it seems nobody parks there for fear of losing their wing mirrors.
  2. I drive past Haigh on my way to work each day.. These looks like typical 1st time buyer red brick terraced houses but in a very quiet village. Around 5 or 6 weeks ago i noticed a 'sold' sign on one of the houses. A few weeks later i noticed 4 'for sale' signs go up. I drove by this morning and all 4 signs are still up and the 'sold' sign is still there on that same original house. Looks like these have already started to stick.
  3. Anyone else notice rental apartments in leeds are already starting to stick. These Citispace ones have been reduced from £450 down to £375 and they are still there weeks since. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-729...1&tr_t=rent Maybe the dream of living in some pokey box with laminate flooring and a cheap ikea coffee table isnt all that appealing?
  4. Dont forget the pretentious people, homeless people (bums) everywhere, unreal traffic problems, extortionate housing, unsafe districts, poor quality air, scruffy poluted beaches.. Major tourist attractions that include a white wooden sign and tacky paving slabs. Even the palm trees are imported. Although Its definately sunnier than UK Sure... LA can make for a fun holiday but all that glitters definately aint gold.
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