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  1. Yes, delegated proof of stake takes care of the double spends and some minor proof of work to prevent spam. I would strongly recommend testing out. It's pretty impressive to see it in action, especially when you're used to long confirmation times and transaction fees with other coins.
  2. The bounce over the last 24 hours looks like a dead cat to me. I can't see anything significant until we reach the following levels: XRP - $0.30 - $0.40 XLM - $0.08 ETH - $360 - $400 BTC - $5,000 LTC - $73 - $95 Even if we tap these levels, the weekly RSI / MACD still won't have reached oversold levels. I don't see any rush to buy anything yet although I have been chipping away at Nano, probably prematurely.
  3. Interesting to see most of these Alts right back towards last year's (May - August) breakout lines. I get a feeling we might get a pretty signiicant bounce on some Alts soon (ETH at $400, XRP at $0.40, LTC at $95). IOTA got a small pump today off last year's support level.
  4. Picked up a bunch of Nano at $6 earlier after an unusually reasonable 15 minute wait when transferring Bitcoin to Binance. This is a coin that Bitcoin cannot hope to compete against as a day to day transaction coin. The lightning network doesn't stand a chance. I'd like to see this one go lower but we've just hit a decent level. It's criminally undervalued compared to dinosaur tech like LTC or BCH which are sold to the public as payment coins.
  5. I'll probably pick some up if it reaches $1,365. We should get a very good bounce at $5k but that's not the long term value in my eyes. The market isn't going to let Bitcoin holders off unpunished, so I'm expected at least a 90% haircut by the time we bottom. I think some crappy Alts like TRON / Verge may even go down over 99%.
  6. Ok let me spell it out to all you Bitcoin shills on here. You have basically ridden the biggest speculative bubble of all time, exceeding even the Dutch tulip bubble of the 17th century. The only way Bitcoin will hit $1 Million is if it gains worldwide adoption for almost all transactions. The chances of that happening are absolutely ZERO. If you missed selling the $20k top, you're going to ride it down 90% from it's highs and potentially more. The only hope of it recovering those highs is if it somehow gathers up another speculative mania many years in the future. Even if this happens again, it's upside is capped by the coins limited utility and another crash will immediately follow. While all of this is happening, serious innovation is going on in this space. It's very possible Bitcoin bag holders will be caught completely wrong sided with closed minded, linear thinking.
  7. That certainly explains the Bitcoin maximalism going on here then. Being in early is one thing but getting out at the right time is another. It looks like the retirement parties are about to be put on hold.
  8. Oh dear. Another one that looks absolutely dreadful is Ethereum. If $400 doesn't hold, I don't see anything until $100 or even $60. The current crypto market isn't a dip. It's a total collapse which is going to take years to come back.
  9. Well I hope you took your profits at the top as it looks like there's plenty of downside room here. If $5k doesn't hold, we're looking at $1,360 which is almost 2013 levels.
  10. I've explained what the future mass adopted coin will look like. The only task is to find it early enough during inception and not when it's done a 10,000% moonshot. This coin doesn't yet exist but it will and the success criteria is clear: 1) Decentralised. 2) Instant transactions. 3) Zero transaction fees. 4) Scalable on chain. 5) Private (debatable). You could add things like wide and fair distribution spread and energy efficiency to the list. The privacy aspect is debatable since it would need fiat gateways.
  11. It only takes some basic research and forward thinking to see why BTC is a bust longer term. Numptys like you dive in blindly, follow the crowd, listen to pumping shills and will end up bag holding. I bet you're sat on coins purchased near $20k and are going to ride it down to $1,360. Those who have any chance of succeeding with their crypto investments will need to possess more than two brain cells.
  12. Bitcoin Core is looking like some patched up Frankenstein coin. BCash is more like Satoshi's vision and actually functions better. At the end of the day you can't polish a turd and change the entire design of the coin.
  13. The Bitcoin dominance increase is a mirage due to it being the primary Alt trading pair and one of the only coins with a fiat exit. On the other hand 90 % of all Alts are complete bust and wont be around in a few years.
  14. I'm a long term crypto bull but not with this current generation of coins. My first Bitcoin experience was a miserable overnight wait for it to arrive in my wallet. My last Bitcoin experience was a 45 minute wait to get 2 confirmations on Binance while sitting there constantly refreshing the block explorer. Bitcoin can quite happily sit there attempting to be "Digital Gold" but I'm looking for a coin that will emerge as a legitimate coin for real world day to day adoption. I don't see Litecoin or Bcash filling that role either. I've got very specific criteria for what this coin will look like. Nano meets some of this criteria (ie - instant, free, scalable on chain) but it's not perfect. I see Nano being a great fiat gateway coin but fails on the privacy aspect.
  15. The current crypto bubble looks like an exact replica of the 2000 dotcom bubble. Looking at the charts, we're probably only in the early stages of the crash. This should be a period where leaders emerge as washed up tech eventually heads toward the crypto graveyard. People are currently scrambling out of Alts into Bitcoin to get out and the fiat exits are extremely tight.
  16. Stellar making a reverse moonshot straight to $0.07 from almost $1.00
  17. This type of investment is Bitcoin's only hope of rising. It definitely wont be due to mass adoption of the coin being peer to peer digital cash. Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with this coin for day to day transactions will understand. Buying BTC just to move it to an exchange is a miserable experience.
  18. A website tracker for the current crypto collapse. Some absolute stinkers on there. https://athcoinindex.com/ TRON -91% Verge -90% Cardano -87% Ripple -83% Dash -75% Bitcoin -60%
  19. Good post. As for the low, I see extreme value at $1,365 and will take a punt on a full coin or two if we get there. Even when the current crop of blockchain coins fall away, Bitcoin will surely still have some value for a long time. It just wont take over the world as some are suggesting. In terms of mining rigs, I don't see any future in them. Mining wont exist in the next cycle due to the new crop of coins that don't require it.
  20. 2017 was a once in a lifetime event. It was the bubble to end all bubbles. Every single coin went up 1000% upwards including shite like Ripple, Dogecoin and every other obscure Alt on the list. You can guarantee this isn't going to happen next time round. The vast majority of these coins will disappear from exchanges and flatline into oblivion with a lot of people burnt to a crisp. The coins that will perform will be ones at the cutting edge (probably DAG based) or a technology that's completely revolutionary. The coin will need to be instant, free, scalable (on chain), decentralised with privacy. There isn't a coin out there yet that meets all of this criteria, so there is massive opportunity for those who invest in such a coin before it goes mainstream.
  21. Oh dear, another Bitcoin nut job bag holder. I put the chances of this happening to approximately zero. This Utopian view of the future probably could be sold to people back in 2011. The problem is that we're now 10 years in and Bitcoin hasn't got anywhere apart from becoming a big ugly bubble. In terms of real world adoption it's actually going backwards rapidly. The only hope remaining is "Digital Gold" but a 90% collapse in price should put closure to that one as well.
  22. It's possible but I think in 2021 we're going to be in a wold wide deflationary great depression. This isn't a good environment for speculative bubbles when people are worried about their jobs and surviving. People will look back at the crypto bubble of mid to late 2017 and laugh about how crazy things really were, but eventually it will surely happen again. The next bubble will look a lot different to 2013 and 2017. Bitcoin will no longer be the gateway to the market and will not even be needed at all.
  23. I think you're in for an epic disappointment with this heart warming story of retirement. By the time we hit the next crypto bubble phase (years down the line), Bitcoin will certainly be a washed up relic of the past. It will have much less market dominance. It will not be the primary fiat gateway. It will not be the major trading pair for Alts. There's no utility here apart from pure speculation and some first mover advantages. Slow, cumbersome and expensive is not going to succeed in the long run. When the lightning network gets exposed as a total bust, there's no coming back. BCash looks like having a better chance but even that's has almost all of Bitcoin's flaws. The crypto space is one that's evolving rapidly and you really don't want to be caught wrong footed with a single static view of the future.
  24. Elliot Wave, can't draw a support level, sell my course blah blah blah. Who didn't call the $20k top...? We might get a dead cat bounce at the end of this decline, followed by a good few years of flat-lined price action (similar to 2014 - 2016). Crypto will eventually come back, but there's absolutely no chance all time highs are coming within the next couple of years for Bitcoin or any current top 50 Altcoin. Does anyone seriously think coins like Ripple, Iota, Cardano are taking out all time highs this year after those epic Burj Khalifa chart formations?
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