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  1. I see XRP is now being trotted out as 'The Digital Asset for Payments' with Ripple now comparing it to Bitcoin. Clearly the liquidity for international banks has obviously fallen on it's ****. People must be absolutely gullible and retarded to buy a worthless centralised token created by a private company that owns 60% of the supply.... All of these listed advantages are identical to XLM, except that actually is a decentralised coin.
  2. The monthly, weekly and daily candles have an open and a close, just like the 15 minute and 1 hour candles. As for $1,300, you guys really need to fully accept this possibility over the next 6-12 months. The monthly chart is a steaming turd. The $20k December top is no different to the silver spike top in 1980. These exponential bubbles always retrace their entire move. Maybe it's different this time?
  3. It's a monthly chart with a single support level at $1,261 and a whopping bearish engulfing candle. Monthly MACD about to cross bearish, RSI nowhere near 30. This looks like the entire 2017 move was a pump n dump...
  4. Still plenty of delusion being peddled on this thread.
  5. This is exactly what happens in unregulated markets. Pump n dumps are absolutely rife. There's so much fraud in this space that needs cleaning out via a full scale collapse. Also there's the Tether timebomb is still ticking plus a major global recession incoming, it doesn't look good for crypto for a long time imo.
  6. It certainly can. Feast your eyes on the monthly chart. Print it out and frame it. This is clearly a monumental bubble that has burst. For this level of overbought to be cleaned out, we need to see RSI sub 30 and MACD to have completed a bullish cross (this is pre school technical analysis) We're at the complete opposite right now, price on the monthly is only just rolling over. Recoveries from these blow off tops can take years and often decades. We might never see a recovery if $1,300 doesn't hold. This may have been the final bubble to end all bubbles, who knows.
  7. $6,200 will absolutely not hold firm on a 3rd retest. This level will get sliced like knife through melted butter. This chart is screaming $3,500 followed by $1,350 at some point late this year or early 2019.
  8. Why are people so thick when it comes to XRP? It is a ponzi coin designed solely to line Ripple Corp's pockets. If you like the tech behind XRP you buy XLM..... If you want completely instant transactions and zero fees then you buy Nano. If you want an expensive, non scalable plodder with high transaction fees then you buy Bitcoin.
  9. Bitcoin was going to get a bounce at some point. Nothing has changed on the monthly or weekly. I'd be very surprised to see much more here. The bigger the pump, the more severe the crash will be..
  10. Not sure if $10k will be the top but we're on the final push before a monumental collapse. Stocks are rolling over, the USDX has turned, housing has topped out. Crypto will get crushed to lows that will horrify every single hodler. Just a polite and friendly heads up. 😉
  11. You can buy coffee instantly with Bitcoin Cash, 0-conf and blocks that aren't constantly full.. Plus far cheaper transactions.
  12. Not yet. I've got a stash of Nano and planning to offload my bags if we get a bit more of a pump. It's looking ready to make a run to the upside here. It's nothing to do with the coin, it's just my timing was way off. I'll revisit this market in a couple of years.
  13. Nano is like a Bugatti, Bitcoin is more of a 1970's Austin Allegro type of coin. Regardless, all of these coins will crushed over the next couple of years.
  14. This is just a dead cat as we slide closer towards an economic collapse. I wish you the best of luck but you will certainly be hodling all the way down to $1,350.
  15. Looks like a standard pump and dump short squeeze on the path to $5,000 and ultimately $1,350. Nothing has changed on the weekly and long term support hasn't yet been reached. I'd be surprised if this lasts more than a few days.
  16. The charts suggest $1,350 BTC and $0.06 XRP. Not sure where you're seeing a 1:1 ratio. XRP is the biggest centralised ponzi of all time.
  17. It really looks like it's all going to go back to the early 2017 breakouts to flush everyone out. We'll then probably go through a 3-5 year flat-lined period where an ultimate capitulation low will form. Final support levels are around these areas. Some have very clean obvious levels: Bitcoin - $1,200 to $1,350 ETH - $20 - $60 XRP - $0.07 LTC - $13
  18. Behave! There's exactly the same volume 'spam' being posted by you and evetsm. I don't see anything here other than opposing arguments with reasonably well constructed discussion about Bitcoin. If you don't like what you're reading then just don't respond. If you want censorship you can find that on the Bitcoin reddit section at r/btc...
  19. Here's an example of how Bitcoin is flawed. Using Nano, I can send 1 single coin to the Nanex exchange. Exactly 1 coin arrives within 3 seconds. I can transfer it back to my wallet that exact 1 coin is instantly back in my wallet. With Bitcoin, that same process takes a minimum of an hour and that single Bitcoin has been eaten up by 2 transaction fees of random value. There is absolutely no reason to spend it which is why it fails as a day to day currency. It is designed to be hoarded and locked away in wallets. I've already explained why the Lightning network is a fail but if you want to make your own judgement, then you can read the whitepaper. The market will figure it out in the end and that's why I'll continue to call BS when I see it.
  20. Bitcoin was a great idea that opened up a lot of innovation, but actually doesn't execute on it's original promise as peer to peer digital cash. It is severely limited and nothing can fix it. £5,000 for a single coin that doesn't function as intended is grossly overvalued. I would only invest if I saw extreme value (Ie - $1,350) on a technical basis. It might be a good play for digital savings but there's not enough history to confirm. There is demand for a worldwide decentralised functioning currency and a void that needs filling. If a coin starts to become widely used for goods and services, how would you prevent the demand for fiat speculation? The government would have to declare it as legal tender which would never happen. As for Alt coins. Don't forget between 2008 and mid 2017, BTC had a market dominance go from 100% to 45%. This is a new phenomena in the crypto currency space where people are seeing flaws in Bitcoin's potential. I would expect that dominance to drop towards 15% in the next cycle as more coins get a fiat gateway and nobody is forced to deal with it.
  21. That's a very flawed argument. A crypto with a trillion coins can still go up potentially more in % terms. The price per coin is totally irrelevant. Also a currency only has value based upon it's utility to support an economy. Bitcoin cannot support an economy with a deflationary model. Some inflation is actually a positive thing to support population and economic growth.That's why BTC is ultimately doomed to only ever be a speculative asset / digital savings. There are also over $3 million dormant Bitcoins that haven't moved since 2013, either via loss or through gritted holding. I'm very bullish on crypto adoption over the long term but I don't see Bitcoin ever becoming widely used as a currency. Not to mention it's slow, expensive, energy inefficient and the lightning network is just pure snake oil. The only payment coin that can technically function in the economy is Stellar Lumens XLM which does have a 1% yearly inflation rate. If you combined that model with Nano's technology and add some privacy features, you've got yourself a real worldwide digital currency.
  22. Well you can scrub the last 4 zeros off due to the varying degrees of transaction charges. Total raw units of Nano (ex Raiblocks) is 133,248,290,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Instant transactions, no fees, infinitely scalable, low energy requirements, no centralised mining pools, no side chains.
  23. Well that covers about 50% of the coins in the current market cap. Any particular reason for the 21 million coin requirement? I would think that would be a pretty serious limiting factor for global adoption.
  24. The biggest risk for Bitcoin is that it gets superseded by a better coin. It's pretty obvious there are far better alternatives out there. We're already seeing signs Ethereum will be seriously challenged by NEO and EOS. If the crypto market made any logical sense, Bitcoin should be trading for pennies rather than £100k We'll see over the next few years if it continues to be propped up after we see fiat gateways open up to better coins.
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