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  1. Bitcoin sounds great on paper until you actually use it. Also just charted LTC, XRP and ETH and people need to brace themselves for a 100% retrace of the entire 2017 bull. Final support levels but maybe not the final lows: XRP - $0.06 ETH - $15.00 LTC - $6.00
  2. BTC just tapped oversold on the Weekly chart, not even close on the monthly. Two levels of support remaining ($3,000 and $1,300).
  3. Exactly why I'm only interesting in picking up none POW coins such as Nano and Skycoin. Both are instant, fully scalable, zero fees and will do well in the next cycle. Took a little nibble tonight on both and surprised to see Skycoin arrive in the wallet faster than Nano. What wasn't surprising was the torture of dealing with Bitcoin to get hold of them. 🤬
  4. I dunno. That chart doesn't look much better either. Not to mention it's a fraud and a security. BTC down 80% from all time high XRP down 90% lol
  5. Here's the monthly BTC chart the shills on here really do not want to see. RSI - Nowhere near oversold MACD - The bear market is just warming up and suggests years until a low is in. There's one level of support left here and that's $1,200. Below that and it's $400.
  6. If your gym locker token is decentralised, limited in supply, fairly distributed and can be moved instantly without fees across borders then you might be onto something.
  7. Of course Bitcoin is better than any fork such as Bcash, Litecoin or the 100 other cut and paste copies. These are are dead men walking and will be irrelevant in the next cycle. The difference between Nano or Skycoin compared to a legacy POW coin is just embarrassing. Nobody in the real world is every going to accept a 5-30 minute wait for a confirmed transaction, plus pay a fee for the privilege. XRP is just a fraud and a lot of people will get hurt.
  8. The value of a crypto will ultimately depend on it's usefulness. They are all pretty much the same in terms of being finite, decentralised, secure etc. Nano is already on Coinbase, it's just not yet been made available. If you're buying a crypto with fiat to get to another endpoint such as exchange, Nano is perfect since it is free and instant. Why would you choose Bitcoin? Eventually people will realise it has all of the positive qualities of Bitcoin and none of the failings. Another great coin to watch is Skycoin which has massive potential and part of an entire ecosystem of useful stuff. The Mcafee hype was pretty pointless but the price is looking attractive. It's just too early to start longing anything crypto right now.
  9. Technically BTC is as ugly as you can get. It's just broken down from a 6 month consolidation while nowhere near oversold on the monthly. $1,250 will arrive faster than people could possibly imagine, but the ultimate low is possibly a lot lower.
  10. XRP is a very well dressed ponzi. Just ask yourself why coins that were designed for banks sold en masse to the general public? It's not only a security but a giant centralised fraud. This is probably the riskiest of all tokens out there as it could end up going to zero and nodes end up being shut down.
  11. I think we're seeing the death of POW in general.These coins are not fit for purpose, slow, expensive, resource hungry and require constant hardware upgrades. They will not make the grade in the next bull cycle which is probably 5 - 10 years away. There's no question that crypto will be back one day but just don't expect crap like Bitcoin, Bcash, Litecoin or Ethereum to be leading the marketcap next time around. BTC looks to be particularly ripe for a 95% - 99% plus collapse. $1,250 is the last stand.
  12. Looks like Comical Ali is back out in full force tonight. Bitcoin has crashed 76% from it's all time high, about the same as Stellar Lumens (also 76%) and more than Binance coin (73%) Additionally Bitcoin remains the most over valued, slowest and highest transaction fee coin on the market cap. It can very easily be displaced as a relic of the early crypto days in the next cycle since it is practically useless.
  13. It's a terrible time to buy. The bear market is just getting warmed up and it's especially looking bad for BTC. Better hope that $1,250 holds as below that it's done and it's not coming back.
  14. Like dominoes moving it's way up the market cap. Ethereum is the latest big name coin to get crushed. Litecoin is now trading below it's spike high of 2013. Bitcoin looks like a turd dangling off the edge of a cliff. 2-3 days max and this one is getting flushed with the rest of them.
  15. You backed the wrong horse. XLM is faster, better tech, decentralised, better distribution, better development, not a security - ie not a scam coin. You can stick that site up your ****.
  16. XRP is the biggest ponzi scheme we've ever witnessed. It is designed with one single purpose - to line Ripple corp's pockets and extract money from all who invest in it.
  17. It makes no difference if altcoins drop 99.9% and Bitcoin drops 98%. Everyone has been rekt in the end and that's going to take years to recover from, maybe never.
  18. The only thing assured on this chart is $1,350, and there's no guarantee that level will hold. The Bitcoin bull market is over and it's not coming back for many many years.
  19. I know exactly how Nano works. Where's your evidence that it can't scale.... Any links? Dash is a ponzi since it was insta-mined at inception. Go google it and you'll find full history behind the coin very easily. XRP is just more of the same, 60% held by Ripple Corp. Completely centralised and designed solely to line Ripple Corp's pockets. Apparently these coins are for banks to use yet they've been dumped on exchanges for one reason only.
  20. It's way too early to say 'backed a loser' but I certainly jumped into it far too early. This bear market has some years to go yet and this was throwaway investment cash. Nano at least has a real use case in being instant, free, scalable, well distributed and becoming more and more decentralised by the day. It's extremely lightweight and transactions are contained within a single UDP packet. It's got a whole lot more going for it than the current pile of Bitcoin replicas and ERC20 tokens so we will see. If the bear market wants to keep driving this one down, I'll go in and pick some more up. At $4 I see it very much like Litecoin being sub $5 back in 2016. It's a far better coin than Litecoin for payments.
  21. Why is this XRP token being sold on public exchanges if it was designed for banks to use? The sole reason was purely to line Ripple Corp's pockets. Banks of course will never use it but the public is full of idiots who love to speculate. Ripple will happily offload their valueless 60 billion tokens onto the exchanges until eventually the token goes to zero.
  22. Good, it's a centralised turd. Banks will never use it.
  23. I like crypto, there's just too many turds, scams and ponzis out there such as Verge, Dash,Tron, XRP and the likes. Unfortunately the coin I like (Nano) based on speed, scalabilty, zero fees, fair distribution seems fallen off a cliff.. 😆 Anyway, it's all speculation in the end and this bear market is far far from over in my eyes. I think we need to get through a economic depression lasting 5-10 years before we see Bitcoin back over £20k.
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