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  1. On 27/06/2019 at 23:25, markyh said:

    Jesus Christ you said this exact thing about a month ago, and by the weekend the shooting star had turned into a bull candle again, this is crypto knobhead, 24/7, it don't sleep, it don't rest or break and the week lasts 7 days, 3 more to go. Come back Monday morning and then tell what the weekly candle closed as. Could be worse, could be better. Hopefully this is a 30-40% pullback , as normal, then we consolidate, then we move up again and retest $13800.

    That's almost a $3,000 pin bar. Nothing compared to the tiddler from a few weeks ago. This kind of candle is what signals the end of a bull market. This is not going to be a consolidation before moving higher. 

    This dead cat went way higher than I imagined it would. Just think of all the idiots who piled in who have no idea about market cycles.

    The kind of market cycle that takes silver in 1980 from $49 down to $2 over a 20 year prolonged bear. 

  2. On 22/06/2019 at 14:18, markyh said:

    Gets way better than that, real egg on face time. We have now hit $11k, this means we are $9800 from $1200 but on $9000 from passing the ATH. 

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear Narco. 

    Hate to burst your bubble but this turkey has topped. Massive shooting star on the weekly, in supply, with volume, RSI over 70.

    Tried to warn you guys this dead cat was complete hot air. 

    Now for the long grind down to sub $1,300. Even when it gets there, it's going to be flat-lined down there for a long time. 


  3. On 22/06/2019 at 01:50, dannyf said:

    Periodic update. Posted at roughly $7400. Currently around $10180 (+37.6%).

    This is quite some short squeeze. Sticking with this prediction?

    Absolutely sticking with it. This is a suckers rally that is going to destroy anyone who is FOMO'ing in at these prices. 

    Those buying this bubble at $10k plus are going to be crushed once it drops below $1,300 over the next couple of years.

    Feel free to keep posting these updates and we'll see over the next 12 - 18 months.

  4. On 01/06/2019 at 23:52, dannyf said:

    Periodic update. Posted at roughly $7400. Currently around $8580 (+15.9%)

    You can keep pumping this turd much as you like. It's 's going to spend many years finding a bottom just as every single other bubble in history.

    You'll know when Bitcoin hit rock bottom when there's been zero activity in this thread for months.

    That price will be at least $1,200 and potentially a capitulation toward $300.

  5. 1 hour ago, dragging boot straps said:

     The quality of evidence is very poor. Very half hearted chart with a weirdly half empty chart. 

    Here is someone who has put some effort in... points the opposite direction to you incidentally. 

    Put some effort into what? Showing some zigzag prediction of hope?

    The chart I posted showed the following:

    1) Zero evidence BTC reached any level of support / demand plus clear evidence that $1,200 is the only level of support.

    Can you show any support level above $1,200 on the monthly chart? Nope, because it doesn't exist.

    2) Monthly RSI - Not even close to being oversold.

    3) Monthly MACD - Not even close to being oversold.

    I have been trading for  over 8 years. I trade liquid markets (primarily major currencies, gold, and stock Indices). I wouldn't touch BTC with a barge-pole due to the spreads and the fact it is traded in unregulated markets on sketchy exchanges.

  6. 19 hours ago, dragging boot straps said:

    Siam commercial bank and Akbank. Amazingly Santander may also be using it but not 100% clear yet.

     Next year it will be dozens. Year after 100s. Now please stop relying on me to educate you. 

    Educate me with what? Some garbage tweets where Ripple "has confidence" these institutions will be using xRapid. 

    Once again, no bank will ever allow client funds to be washed through multiple unregulated exchanges. It's such a massive ponzi this one which will end in tears once the regulators come gunning for them.

  7. 14 hours ago, dragging boot straps said:

    You don't understand the technology which is clear from the above. You've made some large technical errors. Too large to correct so all I can suggest is that you put in some hard yards on the research front. I can point you to some good sources if you'd like but I won't bark at the moon. 

    I totally get xRapid and XRP as explained clearly by Ripple themselves. 

    Have you figured out the multiple fatal holes in this system?

    No bank is ever going to let client funds be bundled through two shady unregulated exchanges. 

    XRP is a total smokescreen purely designed to line the pockets of Ripple Corp.

  8. 37 minutes ago, goldbug9999 said:

    Doesn't matter how low it goes, in 5 years time I will still have the same amount of bitcoin (well actually more because I'm buying in at each new low).

    It will be a great time to buy if it gets to $320 but the next 2017 style run is probably 8-12 years away. 

    A bubble of this size is going to take a long time to unwind and will need a whole new generation of punters.

    What is amazing to see if that some people have no clue the bull market is over. You still see these idiots on YouTube, Reddit etc still shilling and pumping this thing. 

    The monthly BTC chart is Gold of 1980. I bet people were still pumping gold in 1981/1982 and that took almost 30 years to take out that high.

  9. 11 hours ago, dragging boot straps said:

    I sold 200,000 xrp at €0.8 and then watched the price spike to €2.67. The rest I have determined to hold indefinitely so I can use the Internet freely without charge and then possibly loan out my xrp to financial institutions when it becomes the global hyper currency. I'm here for the tech rather than the fiat gains. 

    Unfortunately you're holding a centralised fraud token. There is zero evidence any bank is using or planning to use XRP. I posted evidence a few pages back as to why XRP as a payment system is an almighty epic fail. 

    It's a scam and you're basically propping up a ponzi scheme by promoting this token.

    As for tech, XLM is the same but decentralised and not a security. 

  10. 4 hours ago, dragging boot straps said:

    The people calling bubble are looking at things in too narrow a time frame. What about the countless other 90% crashes in the crypto market?

    This is par for the course with nascent technology. Ultimately there is a hugely persuasive use case.

    I keep using XRP as the example but I'm long on bitcoin also. You can SETTLE transactions in 3 to 5 seconds with zero error and close to zero cost. You can move billions of pounds for a thousandth of a pence, internationally. That's impressive. 

    You can do the same for zero cost and half the speed with Nano. 

    XRP is a fraud and a turd. Not only a centralised ponzi where Ripple Corp own 60% of supply, there's other crap such as you need a 20 token lockup for every wallet. 

    It's also a clear cut security so will end up being banned and delisted from exchanges. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    But scarcity. Valuable because limited supply.

    Guys? Guys?

    It's the lack of innovation that takes the piss with these coins. They're all nothing more than a cash grab with zero effort involved. 

    These Bitcoin forks are the worst since they are a straight cut and paste job. These fraudsters don't even have any hassle of  doing any distribution either since they just gift them to existing holders.

    What a farce.

  12. Here's a prime example of how bad Ripple's XRapid actually is, straight from Ripple's youtube channel.

    XRP is purchased on a shady exchange (BITTREX) with USD and then transferred to an even worse exchange (BITSO) and then converted out into the destination currency. 


    Can someone explain what the value proposition is here? 😂

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